Make Your Own Arduboy Game: Part 1 - Setting Up Your Computer


I just wanted to say thank you for this guide which I found very helpful in setting up the Arduino suite to work with the Arduboy.

(Patrick) #22

Hey guys ,I follow the steps but I can’t fine Arduboy in “Examples”…anyone have the same problem like mine


(Kevin) #23

@razorsammo you will need to install the Arduboy2 library first for it to show up in the examples.

(Oscar Juhlin) #24

Thank you for a excellent first lesson! Just got my Arduboy today so I’m going through your lessons one by one :slight_smile:


This tutorial can be used if i’m going to make an arduboy clone with the arduino pro micro ATmega34u4-au and a ssd1306 display?

Help with first game
(Josh) #26

:+1: These tutorials are really helpful! Can’t wait for part 10!