Make Your Own Arduboy Game: Part 7 - Make Pong From Scratch!

(Kevin) #38

That is extreme multiplayer lol

(Simon) #39

I can see some heads butting together there!


This means you throught of something better for the Arduboy Version II, right, right ? ;D (as much as i love programming for my current arduboy i can’t help to look at the future and dream about things like this).

It’s funny tho because i had this idea of doing this local multiplayer as well (and i through it was already made so i didn’t even tried). It looks weird and fun at the same time : )


Oh, the local multiplayer is very fun! I am sure other people have done something similar before but it was fun to get it working myself. At first I had worries as to whether it would accept 4+ buttons being pressed at the same time but it copes just fine, no apparent missed inputs.

I have plans for other local multiplayer games, it is my main focus at the moment! I love to show people something we can play together.

(Simon) #42

I want to see a 3-player version of a game where each player gets two buttons. That should be crowded.

(curly) #43

@oldmantom put that in it’s own thread in the games section


Is that right though? It’s 99% work done by @crait - I just made a few new gameplay variations on it. I have ideas for some original games that I will post in their own threads when there is something playable.

(curly) #45

I would say yours is different enough to merit it’s own thread, you did it your way using his as a guide, ive seen alot of these so far yours is the most “original”

(Pharap) #46

I’m going to agree with @curly on this one, but with a caveat of justification.

Give it its own thread because there’s enough of a difference that really it should be its own thing, but as part of the post, make it clear that it was an adaptation of @crait’s tutorial and treat it as a sort of semi-promotion of the tutorial so that any future user who enjoys your game can see you started the game as a spinoff of the tutorial and hopefully it will encourage them to give the tutorial a go.

So basically you’d actually be paying homage to him and encouraging future users to give the tutorial a go, so in reality you’d actually be giving more than you’d be taking.
It’s almost poetic.


Thanks for the encouragement (and @curly) , I’ve made my own thread now!

Make Your Own Sideways Scroller: Part 1 - Steve The Jumping Dinosaur
Make Your Own Sideways Scroller: Part 7 - Putting it all Together

hello i just got stuck on the ball part and there is no ball how do i upload the sprite?

(Pharap) #49

I think that’s covered in part 6:

(fred ) #50

I just finished this. It was great! I learned a lot. Thank you so much. What would be a good tutorial to run through after this?

(Simon) #51

You could launch straight into the follow on lessons:

(Kevin) #53

@CDR_Xavier You might want to try with part 1:

(Holmes) #54

I just uploaded PART 8 and plan on uploading PART 9 tonight!

(Michael) #55

Thank you for all this @crait. Following along and learning a lot.


._. confused…
.v.But I assume it was just a very fun game.
-_- still want to know…

(Josh) #57

:+1: Loving the lessons so far! Hope part 10’s on its way!

(Josh) #58

:+1: This is truly spectacular!