Maker Faire 2016 - Bay Area

Maker Faire 2016

Bay Area

Arduboy at Maker Faire

Hello all, It’s that time of year again! It’s Maker Faire in the Bay Area :100:.

Team Arduboy will be present at at least one booth. This means Kevin, Celine and even an ekem will be out and about, away from computer terminals.



More details to come!


I have a Moto E.

Celine Binder, Kevin Bates: pre-faire maker. 2016


Is anyone from the community planning on going? Or perhaps just in the area (San Mateo), and would like to get a coffee/drink/meal with 3 obnoxious people? … well Celine seems pretty cool. If you think you might, don’t be shy! Let us know :smile:.


Sounds great. Do you know which building and section you guys will be in?

Good Great question! I put up a shot of the booth so at least you will be able to pick it among the others. ; ) :gem:

I’ll keep updating the main topic as I get info. I’ve asked about that one. Maybe I can find a map of the place as well.

We’re in Zone 7 at the Redwood hall! Somewhere near the back on the left side when you walk in :smiley:

Feel fee to edit the topic @Celinebins : D