Maker Faire Tokyo 2016

ArduboyはMaker Faire Tokyoに出展します!



前売 大人 1,000円 18歳以下 500円
当日 大人 1,500円 18歳以下 700円



There will not actually be a booth for Arduboy at this Maker Faire.

There will be Arduboys on sale, but you’ll have to find them in the crowd! :smiley:

@akkera102, do you think you might update the main topic with this information? I’m not sure if I can translate that information well enough. Thanks for creating this topic as well. You are beyond awesome, forever and always.

I changed my post. Sorry.

My imagination is 2016 Bay Area. long desk, any chairs, big signboard.
Maker Faire 2016 - Bay Area

Hmm… No booth?
I must know something. space size? shop?
Do you have document or picture?

This is super news!! People will come too many.
They will become Tunami. lol

Haha, ok probably best to plan for that then. What do you think @bateske and @Celinebins?

I just happen to be looking at the post, thanks a ton for looking at my reply and the edits. I’m ok making the changes with the help of a translation application, but this topic will probably get used on twitter a bit more than others, and I know my translations don’t sound that great most of the time :smiley:.

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This is still happening! Bump to bring this thread up to the top!


I can confirm we have meetings scheduled with Softbank and Sega! Trying for Capcom, Namco-Bandai, Konami and the big boy Nintendo!

If anyone could help make introduction or have any ideas? We found some phone numbers but we don’t speak Japanese!




I will join Maker Faire Tokyo 2016. Our both is this URL.
Our main contents is that picture’s gadget, but I also display my DIY Gamebuino and Arduboy Clone. (not for sale)


This is awesome!

Some kind of small demo for each company featuring their mascots with their logo? Sega could have Sonic, Nintendo Mario, etc…

We will be at the fabXfab booth! We will take a picture and put some information on this page when we can.

It looks like our Arduboy units may only be on sale for Sunday! We are waiting on a package to clear customs and arrive at our hotel! (See you’re not the only ones waiting for Arduboy to arrive!)

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here we are at maker faire tokyo!

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Ever thought about Gamescom here at Germany? :wink:

Maker Faire was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who came to say hello! Domo arigato (mr roboto)!

(sorry couldn’t help myself I’ve been thinking it the whole time I’m here)

Not until now, don’t think we will make it this year we will be visiting Tetris Headquarters at that time! Maybe next year! We want to try E3 next year also!

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Glad you had a great time! Don’t forget that PAX South is at the end of January!