Maker Faire Tokyo 2017



今回は専用のブースがあるそうです!場所はS 08-01。
Arduboy 1.0とTetris Microcardを用意しています。



前売 大人 1,000円 18歳以下 500円
当日 大人 1,500円 18歳以下 700円


About the distribution of admission tickets.

total tickets is 8.

bateslecom will choice 4 retweet people.(1 people will get 2 tickets)

Arduboy and microcard price is very good!
There is also a “pair” price.

(Celine) #3

Thank you everyone who came down to visit us!! Domo Agrigato!

We hope to be more involved with the Japanese community, so if you have a new game, a hack, or guides, please share it here. :smile:

(Pharap) #4

(Funny story: until a few weeks ago I when I accidentally stumbled upon your Twitter account was imagining you as a middle-aged man because of your icon (or avatar, or whatever they’re called these days). Feel free to keep imagining me as a talking skull though, I still do :P.)

(Kevin) #5

This event was AMAZING! I love Japan! I love Tokyo! Thank you everyone who came and visited.

Probably won’t come to Maker Faire next year, but instead try to come to a video game event in the spring or fall. It’s too hot in the summer!

(Ash) #6

Damn I was in Tokyo a week after this! Been out of the loop for a bit due to changing jobs and moving house. Yeah is pretty hot this time of year, March or November are much more comfortable. Took my son with me this trip and we went to Nagashima Spaland in Nagoya for the day and the heat and humidity was insane.

(Erwin) #7

Travelling to Tokio I did not found Arduboys on the stores :confused: but the bathroom at the hotel was amazing!

(Pharap) #8

That looks like a very fancy mouse door in the corner.

Though it’s a bit large for mice… maybe it’s for Tanukis?

(Erwin) #9

don’t be silly… it is not a mouse door, it is the storage box for the multiple remote controls of the standard japanese bathroom


10 or 20 years ago in Tokyo summer, the humidity was low and it was comfortable.
now summer, I do not want to go outside. It may be an effect of global warming.

April and October is super comfortable.
There are many tourists too.

(Kevin) #11

Did you try our video guide? :wink:


秋葉原 千石電商
akihabara sengoku denshou (bateske video location),139.7699666,19.7z

秋葉原 秋月電子
akihabara akizukidenshi(very near sengoku shop),139.7697863,20z

sengoku and akizuki is very popular.