Makers Faire 2015 NYC

I’m going to the Makers Faire most likely this sunday, I bought tickets specifically with wanting to check out Arduboy. I was interested in seeing if anyone else is going and also ask will I be missing out on anything by not going on sunday instead of saturday, like special deals or items that might only be available the first day?

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I have 24 dev kits left, I’m selling them in person at $50 each so you can save a little on shipping. Cash only no receipts. I don’t really expect them to sell out I usually only move a handful at maker faires. That said, please try :smile:

I’ve also got some arduino micro and pro minis with some mini-servos in a bag that I’m handing out to anyone that can come up with an idea for a cool game or application for the arduboy!

Will be at the Atmel booth come say hi!


Awesome save a dev kit or two for me! I look forward to stopping by the tent tomorrow and visiting :smiley: