Man, it's so quiet in here

(Simon) #1

Is the Arduboy dead? If so, why didn’t anyone tell me?

What are you all working on?

(Scott R) #2

Catching up on my books :worried:

It has gone pretty quiet over the past week though.

(Simon) #3

What are you reading?

(Scott R) #4

Bank statements and tax paperwork :joy:

(Simon) #5

Bugger … thought it might be something interesting. Curse of the self-employed?

(Scott R) #6

One of the down sides but the rebate is always enjoyable. On a brighter note I’ve booked in a couple of days fishing this week to get over it.

(Simon) #7

We have a long weekend here in Australia. A birthday celebration for … our favourite monarch, Lizzy. Its a pity its in Winter.

(Boti Kis) #8

Definitely not!

Working on a strategy game. Too early to announce it officially. :wink:
Sparetime is rare but I think that there will be happening a lot the next two weeks :D.
Anyway you can make a picture yourself on my github if you care.

(Simon) #9

That sounds good … where to?

(Simon) #10

Sounds intriguing … @Vampirics and I are working on a car game. Like you too early to spill the beans, especially as I cannot get it to render quick enough!

(Boti Kis) #11

What are you up to :open_mouth: sounds like something 3Dish :scream:

(Simon) #12

No not really, just graphics intensive … if you need to render most of the screen with images or patterns, you quickly start lowing down.

(Simon) #13

Are you ‘yinkou’ on GitHub? If so, I know what you are up to and I cannot wait to see this complete!!

(Boti Kis) #14

Aye :smiley: ​​​​​​​

(Scott R) #15

We gonna give This venue a try my sons been on my case for a couple of years to go catfishing. I’m just game for a night in the bush, mosquito bites and some burnt food.

(Pharap) #16

Are you sure he meant the kind of catfishing you thought he meant and not the other kind of catfishing?

(Simon) #17

It’s like a trout farm? Just wade in and grab one then wrestle it to the bank?


That’s noodlin. Catfish only got plates in their mouth so you can use your hand as bait no problem.
Just as long as there isn’t a muskrat or snake in the hole you pick.

(Scott R) #19

this kind of catfishing with rod n line

(Simon) #20

How much catfish can you actually eat? I’ve got to big cats here that would have a good chomp on that !

I was joking about catching them by hand but I just googled it and say people using their hands a bait. Only in Southern USA !