Man, it's so quiet in here

(Holmes) #41

I check back multiple times a day. :slight_smile: I really like this forum a lot!

I am currently working on part 9 of my Arduboy tutorial series, which will hopefully complete the Dino Smasher game.

(Stephane C) #42

I confirm… Some of us are busy coding for sure.

(Sam) #43

My wife has been taking my time up. :P

(Simon) #44

Sure is …

Oh that’s right, I was supposed to be coding as well!

(Simon) #45

No one picked up on my (not very obvious) They Might be Giants reference…

(Scott R) #46

There’s just not enough birdhouse in my soul to have noticed.

(fred ) #47

Learning to use construct 2 and 3 for my video gaming class.

(Simon) #48

I had to look that up … is it a good environment?

(fred ) #49

It is easy to learn. But it is more like writing logic instructions then programming. Very point and click GUI. It i fantastic for learning the concepts programming.

(Simon) #50

Right … how far can you push it? My son has done a bit of scratch and it is a great intro to programming but you wouldn’t want to try to write a Chess game in it.

(fred ) #51

The difficulty is getting the sprites and assets. But there are enough open sites with royalty free assets. I have written fully functional clones of 1943, asteroids, breakout and my own original game. By the end of the class ill be doing a platformer, gauntlet clone and legend of zelda clone. It is pretty powerful. At least from what I can judge from programming in it for the last few weeks.

(Simon) #52

I would love to see that! Is it available online?

Where is this class running?

(fred ) #53

No but I can send you my program. you would need to run it inside the construct 3 program.

(Simon) #54

I can’t as I see its Windows and I have a Mac. Can you make a video of it somehow?

(fred ) #55

the 3 version is html 5 based. It will run on anything. I used my mac to work on half of it.

(Simon) #56

Oh OK … I googled it and it said Windows Operating Systems but didn’t mention Mac. Bad assumption.

(fred ) #57

If you interested, load up this site and click getting started.

Here is a link to my game. Load it in and give it a spin.

(Simon) #58

Its 11pm here … might have to do this tomorrow!

(fred ) #59

No worries, it is 9 am here. so just starting the work day. If you have any questions let me know. I am not an expert in it but working with computers for 20+ years I have idea how they work. :slight_smile:


I don’t code now because I need time to make paintings. But they are related to video game ( ). I have some new ideas to make a 2D plateformer. It was the first kind of game I wanted to create when I bought an Arduboy. But I haven’t the skills yet and I made an ebook and a quick time event minigame (“The guy who never complains” and “Cutie E”). When I will have more time, maybe this summer, I will go back to the Arduino IDE and build some famous video game demake (clue: not Mario, the other). I hope I am not giving you false hope and won’t do it. Tell me if you are waiting for this kind of game!