Man, it's so quiet in here

(Pharap) #61

I’d like to say I’ve just been spending time programming, but likewise a portion of my time has been spent collecting skooma and conversing with Daedric Princes.

(I have yet to try Stardew Valley, but it’s on my ever-growing todo list.)

I remember looking at that once.
Personally I don’t think I’d get on with it because I don’t get on with Javascript and GUI programming always makes me feel limited.

The only duck-typed language I’ve ever got on with is Lua.

When I was in college, they tried to get us using game maker.
It’s quick and easy to get basic stuff running in and alright for beginners, but once you’ve learnt an OOP language it’s limiting and inferior compared to programming with a library like XNA (which monogame resurrected) or mixing SDL with other stuff.

(Scott R) #62

A little 10.5lb kitten to kickstart a couple of hours in.

(Simon) #63

Nice one Pedro!

¡Un gran bagre!

(Celine) #64

I think your kitten is sick


probably because the kitten was fed too much bait

(Holmes) #66

For my birthday, earlier this month, I played with some baby chickies.

(Stephane C) #67

Is it just me or you have a weird passion for chicken? :wink:

(Felipe Manga) #68

@crait spotted at a conference:

(Simon) #69

I have seen that vid before and its funny … but not as funny as some of the crowd thought it was! The laughing and snorting is infectious.


Anybody want to make a fishing game with a secret lure/rod that’s an arm?

(Stephane C) #71

huh… maybe with some more explications? i am almost afraid to ask :wink:


It’s a special equipment that can only catch catfish

(Stephane C) #73

Oh… just got it now… i should have followed what was posted earlier…


I’ve actually been thinking about a fishing game along the lines of legend of the river king. I need to finish my jelly fish spaghetti mess first though.


A fishing game? Hmmm… (thinking about the fishing UI in Minecraft)
But then it will probably evolve into some kind of stupid “gold digger” game that I absolutely hate.
Thinking about 2D seems to be a bit too bad.
Thing is, it might be quite difficult to draw the water surface if it is 3D.
I guess it won’t be too difficult to write something with trash graphics, but what’s the point? Just see a fish(item) bounce toward you?


Originally I was thinking of something like one of those flash games where you slowly go deeper and deeper and get bigger fish but I do think think that would translate well to the arduboys screen. Legend of the river king is just 1 fish on screen which would work a lot better. Something along stardew valleys fishing mechanics could work as well.

(Simon) #77

Thought I would dredge this old topic up … forum is a bit quiet lately.


You want to slide into my next midterm for me? Then I can type away at more games.

(Simon) #79

Is that some crazy US election … or University?


exam lol, elections are over.