Man, it's so quiet in here


I HAD the laptop at the dorm, but I have no idea upon creations
I am just not feeling to do it.
But who knows, maybe I’ll be typing some stuff tonight.

(Nicole Birgel) #82

I am working a lot, but around here often :wink:

(Simon) #83

Work … I am really busy atm too!


At least there’s still light in the southern hemisphere. It’s too dark too early to be working here.

Also on that tangent about compile times, I finally updated my libc++ files only to get treated with a 25min compile time. Who has time for that. It’s only a depend for one package I barely use to begin with.

(Kevin) #85

It’s slowed down for sure. I had to take a break from hyping Arduboy for a while, but I’m back and looking at ways to bring some excitement back… like actually getting the emulator and game library up on the front page and seeing about making official ios and android apps.

Also looking at new hardware that includes all the games on the same device.

Also looking at an esp32 based system.

(Pharap) #86

Some of us already know about this.

ESP32 is a massive leap up.

(Scott R) #87

I’ve become a lurker :scream:

(Kevin) #88

I still don’t fully understand how it got leaked in the first place.

It’s cheaper too, but also Seeed has this new chip which is dramatically cheaper:

And honestly, why is Arduboy so expensive? I want to sell something like Arduboy for $5. Sacrifices will be made, no OLED and may not have a rechargeable battery. Maybe I should make a new post.

(Pharap) #89

Possibly because someone already made an enulator for Arduboy with the same name, so searching for that emulator accidentally brings up the unannounced website page.

There might be other ways to stumble upon it that I’m not aware of though.
(I haven’t exactly been going around asking people if they know about it after all.)

Pre-assembly? Molds? Fancy packaging? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Definitely. That sort of change is something people need to be made aware of,
because it might well divide the userbase.


The golden tactile buttons. The golden Micro USB connector. The golden inscription.
That’s honestly a LOT of GOLD! (think 0.75 grams, or 0.035 ounce)
Which, if substituted, can easily bring the cost down by …

Gold had a rich yellow shine. That’s what makes it easy to identify. Compare that to the copper(or some other) screw holes.

But why not silver?

(Kevin) #91

Not as good, and the gold only raises the price a few cents.

(Scott R) #92

There becomes a fine line between quality goods and cheap tat I think the small offering of gold to satisfy the Arduboy gods is sufficient and necessary.

(Kevin) #94

It’s true, but every penny adds up. In a mission to have a cheapest viable open source portable game console, every last penny will need to be saved. For buttons, you can full well except silicone rubber contact pads like all game controllers have.