Manhole (Wide Screen) Game & Watch


Here is Manhole, a Game & Watch simulator that I have coded from scratch.

Why this one ?

I was looking for a G&W that could use efficiently the Arduboy wide screen.

Features: It feels the real thing, enjoy :wink:

Edit: as it crash the emulator (and the web browser), here isthe link : -


Cool I’ve been looking forward to a Man Hole version. Unfortunately the game crashes the emu on both Chrome and Firefox. Just curious will you make the source available?

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That looks fantastic! Great work.

We need a new topic under the Games section called ‘Game and Watch’


Thanks :slight_smile:

What crashing the emulator is the music.

I have removed these lines and it runs fine with the emu.

// if (!tunes.playing())
// tunes.playScore(fred);

arduboy_manhole.ino.leonardo.hex (74.3 KB)

Later the 2nd problem that crash the emulator is also related to the sound :


arduboy_manhole2.ino.leonardo.hex (74.3 KB)

Anyway, better use the Zippyshare one’s if you have the real hardware.

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Is it normal that as long as the person steps om the manhole you can move without the person falling? They clearly floats in the air lol

I did like in the original game & watch.

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Just coming back to this and noticed the link has expired. Is there another download source ?

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Yes, I would like to add it to the cart as well.

@Mr.Blinky @filmote check 1st post edit history it contained the original file i think

edit: a darn i was to fast, the file has been erased

Maybe @bateske has a backup where the original hex file is still present?

i found his twitter, asked if he still got the files will see if he will answer

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I’ve gotten answer from gibs he supplied me with this links Smash but i did not test yet if that version contains sound (i think it does as it crashes the emulator / hangs the browser). I have however downloaded the file and attached it here as that link only seems valid for a few days.

manhole(widescreen).hex (77.1 KB)