Manic MinerFX

I am working on my new game - Manic Miner. It is a port a game from zx spectrum.
The game will have 20 levels - like original version.
I also use the graphics from zx spectrum version.
I had a little problem with memory so i decided use ArduboyFX library to store graphic and information about level design. This game is my first attempt to FX library.
I hope that you like it.


And here is a beta version - 3 levels, some bugs and etc.
On title screen - you can select level 1,2,3.
Button A - jump, B - cheat mode.

I don’t know how to include data.bin and .hex in the post so that they are visible in the emulator on the page. So here is a direct link and below i attached fxdata.bin and .hex file.

fxdata.bin (9 KB)
manic_minerFX.ino-arduboy.hex (42.0 KB)


Nice! that brings back some memories. I forgot how unforgiving that game is.

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This is so great! Excited to try it out. Will you enter this into the FX GameJam?

Quick feedback: L1 - I thought the bushes caused harm? Looks and handles how I remember :smiley:

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I thought about fx gamejam 1 but the end date is tomorrow. I don’t know if I can add an unfinished game.

About the bushes, maybe you have activated cheat mode. If you press the B button while playing, you will switch the game to cheat mode.

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Go for it !! Still ~ 24 hrs!


Following your advice, I spent all Saturday to finish my game and I added it to FX Game Jam.
Thanks for the kind words and motivation.
Now it’s time to go to sleep :wink:


Congratulations :smiley: