Mariposa [1.2]

Hello!!! This is my first Arduboy game!
Mariposa.hex (78.4 KB)

-You are a small child starving in the cold wind and must beg for food.
ArduboyRecording (11)

ArduboyRecording (12)

ArduboyRecording (14)

Here is the source code - Google Drive


It snowed here today it must be a sign! Nice!

We’ve also had snow here, and will probably be getting more soon.
(And snowball fights, and sledging, and fines handed out to people gathering in large crowds.)

@Ratrat44 I particularly like the falling snow effect and the artwork.

Version 1.2! Fixed some bugs and added a new ending!

Probably should’ve named the new ending “Starved Ending”…

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This looks like a really beautiful game, but I just cannot figure out the controls…
I’m struggling picking up and moving the cookies (perhaps it’s me!). Could you add a more detailed help guide here? Thanks for sharing this :slight_smile:

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