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So I’m starting to think about how to market the product. And really, it’s all about the games.

The reason people want to get the Arduboy FX is that it’s easy access to all of the best Arduboy games.

Considering the kickstarter video, it kind of hit me… what if it was like little 1 minute intro/documentary on a bunch of Arduboy developers? Sort of like the feel of the second half of the kickstarter video, but I would be interviewing you. The logistics of traveling around might get a bit expensive, but I think the result could be epic, to show where all around the world Arduboy has been.

And I’m thinking that giving back to the developers has to be a good part of it too, so I think that if your game is featured on the system (if it’s advertised and promoted as being on the system) then a proceeds of the kickstarter will go to you. It’s probably going to have to be a very small percent to share with many people, but it’s something.

That also gives incentive for developers to promote the launch even harder.


Australia is too far for you to travel to interview me however if you want to fly me to Portland for an interview I will endure the flight! It’s the least I can do for the Arduboy!

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Germany, Austria, England, Melborne, Toronto, Texas, Savannah, San Hose…

Which one?
(Some of us weren’t here from the beginning.)

I’m not one for social media, but maybe you could get people tweeting pictures of their Arduboys in various places?
A bit like that thread Celine started yonks ago:

That’s given me an idea for a video advert as well: a montage of people walking around playing on their Arduboys but the camera is focused on their hands (as if the camera were the person’s eyes).

(I get the feeling that’s been done before, but I think it would look cool.)

If everyone had a decent video camera or sound recorder then travelling might not necessarily be needed.
People could just record their piece separately, like voice actors sometimes do for films.

If I could plan all the shoots and schedule it all so that I was able to do it in one continuous trip, it probably wouldn’t be too bad. Basically I think that if I could get a videographer to come with me that it would be “worth” the trouble to get consistent good quality video. If I could get the whole thing done in a month that would probably be ok. It would be kind of exciting to promote the actual tour as well, so little bits could be shared in social media along the way.

It’s actually kind of a shame I only really thought about this now because I’ve been travelling around meeting people the whole time.

But your idea is good too, and for sure costs less money. The idea about the hands viewpoint was something I wanted to try with the first campaign, and show people in the metro, at their bedroom, in the classroom… etc.

I also wanted to do a lot of shots of people handing the Arduboy to someone else. I kind of had an idea of treating it like a relay baton, maybe the same Arduboy can be passed from person to person around the world.

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Just watched this interviewing a cities skylines player, I would love to do a video like this for everyone that is submitting a game or even just has made a game at all and would like to be featured:

So, one idea I had to do this was to run the kickstarter campaign where I ask everyone to record little 15 second clips saying hello on their phone or webcam or whatever they have, then each of the updates would feature a new developer or set of developers. Could do an update every couple of weeks from a different part of the world with like a 15 minute video.

Still need a videographer but… yah that’s the idea.

I think if it is clearly communicated that those videos would be backer only updates would give people a reason to back the campaign… hopefully. At least people who enjoyed the first campaign I think would jump in.


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I’d love to help as much as I can. I do like the idea.

The problem with most developers (and IT in general) is that we are a bunch of ugly nerds. Who wants to see my face? We are trying to attract backers, not turn them off :slight_smile:


I mean, I don’t really consider it a demand problem because I feel if the content is compelling people will want to see it and are interested in who the person is and what they look like. A bigger issue might be a secondary one is that people might be more camera shy than there is a problem on how they look.

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I was actually a professional model before I got fat. 🤷

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I was a hand model (like George on Seinfeld). Nah I wasn’t …

Actually I just made blue movies.

I lied. I don’t actually have a body. Just a cartoon character holding a cartoon chicken.


I like the idea, but at the same time I’m not sure I’d want to fully appear in the video.
I like maintaining a bit of mystery about myself.

I thought about doing mostly or almost all voice, but I’m not much of a talker either.
(Contrary to the textwalls that I post I’m actually very quiet and antisocial in person.)

And yet I don’t want to be the odd one out if others are contributing…
Confounded conundrums.

Speak for yourself, I’m not an ugly nerd, I’m an an ugly geek.

I can top that. I’m a skeleton.

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Good thing I am not that important, I am just a yellow circle missing a piece.

But back to the subject. I think it’s really important to show the world how this device can actually help you learn programming. I would not say that it makes it easier. But it makes it more fun and it’s fun to showcase what you created on the go.

Talking just for myself here, thanks to the Arduboy I finally tried to learn C++ after only having dabble with BASIC on a VIC-20. And I can finally do what I wanted to do when I was a teenager, making my own games and be able to share them with the world.

I may be more of a graphic guy, but that’s my day job. It’s just great to live the dream, even though I am not a professional, and with the Retro craze going on, it’s a good time to be doing it on a device like the Arduboy.

My point is, we should highlight what this device will give you, the tools to learn something cool, a community that is out of this world and willing to help anybody that is at least trying to do something. The ability to create and share your work with people that actually cares about it.

Ok I will stop there. Looks I needed to express myself a little here :slight_smile:


If we did something like this, what would people be talking about?

The game(s) they’re working on, the arduboy itself, programming?

And would they just blather on about whatever they want or would they be asked specific questions?

And if there were specific questions, would everyone be giving different answers to the same questions,
or would people be given different questions depending on their role?

So here is my thought for the format, I would encourage people to be in front of the camera as much as they are comfortable. My feeling on this is maybe try to avoid the direct interview style filming and actually just try to capture more in the moment stuff, like walking around town. Have you ever seen Jerry Seinfeld’s comedians in cars getting coffee? Maybe something a bit closer to that “feel”, where it’s more casual just two gamer dudes hanging out.

Maybe the more comfortable the person is on camera, the more it would be focused on them with a traditional interview format, and if they were adverse to being on film then it could be a “buddy” thing where I’m just walking around with a go-pro.

1: What does Arduboy mean to you? Why is it special and why do you like spending time making games for it?
2: Tell us about your game, how does it play? More importantly, what were some of the challenges you had in making it and what inspired you to overcome those challenges and create it?
3: How do you think video games fit into the big picture? Do you think they are important for society? Is learning to code an important skill or is it more simply problem solving? What hopes and dreams do you have for the future, and how can something like Arduboy help make it possible?

The ideal scenario would be to pick a location that actually inspired the game or has a significant story relative to the Arduboy.

I think everyone has really super interesting stories that are worth telling, and if it’s possible to get over the camera shy thing I think once a few people have done it and they come out, then that anxiety will be played down. I guess that’s ultimately my goal with something like this, is to bring the community closer together and show off how amazing it really is. If people watch it and are like “oh hey, I thought I was the only goofy one, maybe I’m not so bad after all”.

No judgement this is a safe zone but if @crait does it you can probably bet he would be wearing a taylor swift shirt. I think if everyone expresses their personality then it makes it a better place!

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It probably is worth mentioning this is heavily in the “want to do” category. I don’t really have a feasible plan for how to put this together and it’s a big project, but I think it would be awesome.

I’d never even heard of Seinfeld until now.

Sorry, I’m going to go off on a tangent for a bit…


I find comedians tend not to get much coverage outside their own country unless they venture out of it regularly.

I remember many years ago trying to introduce an American girl I knew to The Two Ronnies and her response was pretty much “I don’t get it”, so then I tried to introduce her to A Bit Of Fly And Laurie and her response was (and I quote) “OMG! It’s House!”.

To clarify, over here Steven Fry is a household name for many reasons (ask anyone over 12 and they’d say they’d at least heard of him even if they didn’t know why he’s well known),
whilst Hugh Laurie has practically fallen off the radar.
In Ameica the opposite seems to be true.

Anyway, she started asking me about a horde of American comedians and I hadn’t heard of any of them either.

So like I say, comedians seem to be a very country-specific thing for the most part.

Then again, maybe I just don’t watch many sitcoms or stand-ups…

Right, @filmote, @Vampirics, you’re off to Pearl Harbour! :P

Anyway, joking and tangents aside,
I think maybe voice-only appearances might be a slightly easier goal.

Not everyone has a good quality microphone admitedly,
but variation in sound quality would be less of an issue than variation in video quality,
and the sound can always be overlayed onto some fancy graphics or some gameplay.

I’ve suddenly remembered a couple of interviews I found a few years back where they interviewed some important programmers.
(May or may not be relevant.)

Bjarne Stroustrup:

And Larry Wall:

(I think there were some others, but I can’t remember what they were.)

And here’s an episode of that coffee car thing that I dug up:

(Skip ahead about 1:50 if you want to skip the jabbering about the car.)

I also found a Ricky Gervais one, but I don’t like Ricky Gervais so I didn’t watch it.
(Stephen “Wheatley” Merchant is the talented one.)

LOL pearl harbor trip I love it, actually that would be awesome. If you wanted to meet me there I will get the food and accommodations. We could visit @curly if he still exists. I think there is a couple other hawaiian users.

Seriously. That is just scary.

Wait was that not sarcastic?