Maybe ad WiFi and an accelerometer?

An ESP8266 is realy cheap, and would allow multiplayer games, even over the internet. And an accelerometer would be great for games!

It’s a bit late in the development of the device for them to add these sorts of things. They’ve said in the kickstarter comments that they will be looking into stuff like this for a second system down the road.

The other thing is, if they add too many features like this…then you might as well learn to code for an existing platform like smartphones. The Arduboy is intended to be quite limited and simple.

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We are listening to all feedback for future versions! We think the coolest thing about arduboy is we are going to be an awesome community of people who want to make games so we can work together to design the perfect hardware :smile:

We are looking at many different options, lots more news about this in a couple months. Stay tuned!

Love the feedback, keep it going!