Mega Missiles - Shooter game

Mega Missiles is my first game for the Arduboy.

Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 8.18.46 PM

It’s pretty simple but it’s fun.

You use the left and right arrows to move and A or B to shoot. Get to 10 points before the enemy.

I apologize for the lack of audio, I don’t actually have an Arduboy and did this all with the emulator, which doesn’t work well with my browser for audio.

Here’s the Github link, I don’t know if I included everything necessary, so please tell me!

Feedback would be appreciated, have fun (hopefully).

mega_missiles.hex (31.8 KB)


If you compile a .hex and drop it in the community post it will load the emulator in the page and we can try it out!


Thanks for letting me know! I tried to put the link to the hex file because I saw other people having the emulator embedded but it didn’t work. I’ve added it to the post.

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Updated game!

Made more difficult (increased enemy missile speed)!

Artificial Stupidity™! Instead of being good like artificial intelligence, this program randomly determines which direction the enemy moves in! Making you miss your shots since 2021!

Also added LED support, so when you get hit it turns red and when you hit your shot, it turns green.

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Love it! Anyone can program intelligence. Stupidity? That’s harder.


Wonderfully simple game, it’s fun! I could see this being particularly fun if multiplayer linking was incorporated like Network of the Damned


Updated the game with music, sound, dark mode, and a mute mode!

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Please make restart only on B and shoot only on A button. Its easy to miss WIN message when shooting.

This reminds me a lot of the galactopus games for the atari 2600, needs sound but otherwise fun game.

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