Merry Ardu-holidays! 🎄

A whole load of people will be getting an Arduboy for Christmas so I just wanted to say hello to any newcomers to the community who are here for the first time with their new Arduboy!

If you want feel free to say hello or existing community members are welcome to post holiday greetings from any denomination here!

Scraped from twitter:


Merry Christmas to everyone here in the community, old and new!


What I really want to know is what species Guido/@moolder’s little animal friend is.

Is it a sloth-bear?

:christmas_tree: Merry Chrismas everyone :christmas_tree:

I believe it’s a Niffler from the Fantastic Beasts movie

It looks like he even snatched a golden Arduboy in this clip :smiley:



Oh man I need that pink pcb in my life.

That Golden Arduboy looks mesmerizing. I think I couldn’t resist snatching one either :smile:

That map is interesting. Thanks for sharing @bateske. Arduboy is sold all over the eastern part of US, Europe and Japan. But west US not as much.

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Yeah flashy neon pink FTW :smiley: ( I also fancy space invaders neon green :star_struck: )

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In the midwest? Nobody lives there :laughing:

Population density:


HaHa! that explains it!

That explains why I couldn’t identify it.
(I kept thinking “is is a monotreme or a marsupial?”.)

As interesting as this is, isn’t publishing your customers’ addresses illegal?

It’s only resolved to zipcodes

I’m not sure how US zip codes work but if you use just the first half of a UK post code it goes to a town rather than street.

Merry Christmas and happy public domain day!

The resolution of the zip code depends on the population density of the area when the zipcode system was created. I don’t know if they make new ones? Zipcodes for sure do not resolve down to a street in most cases, google just arbitrarily puts a pin in the center of the zipcode area.

There are some exceptions, some huge buildings or company campuses have a zipcode entirely to themselves like the empire state building or the world nike headquarters. I think this has to do a lot with regulations and taxes.

I mean, I hope I’m not outing the secret Arduboy fan in Fiji.

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Postcodes in the UK more commonly resolve down to a single street (in my case 4 buildings) But it does depend on population density.


Some one just needs to get a unit to one of the reaserch stations in Antarctic and a unit to the ISS and that’ll cover it.


For UK postcodes you should really only be sharing the area and district

Otherwise your basically just short of a door number. With social media images it’s not so hard to find s specific house or person once you have a full postcode unles it’s blocks of flats or something crammed with properties.

This could also infringe the GDPR for rural properties within the EU.


Yeah a few american friends who i have explained the postcode to have been surprised how specific they can be.

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