Micro Arcade Tetris

I’m so curious about something. I saw this today and I’m baffled. Are these made by the Arduboy team or is this a rip off? I bought the purple Tetris Microcard but not there is a blue one from another company.


Arduboy licensed the hardware design to Super Impulse, who makes these. They looked at the Tetris Micro Card and used that design to create something new. I was not involved in the creation or design of the product, but I do get a very, very small amount of money when you buy one. So, I’m biased, but you should totally pick on up and try it! :slight_smile:

The black and white Tetris Micro Card as produced by Arduboy has been discontinued. Thank you for all of the good times.

WOW! my Black and White Purple Tetris Micro Card is a collectors item now. WOOT!

thanks Kevin you rock!

I guess the door for insane prices on Ebay is open now.

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