Micro card arcade reprogramming questions

@bateske since the new micro arcade things have come out, are they similar to the arduboys in the the chip can emulate USB? If so, if I wished to reprogram it, could I upload a .hex through another Arduino?

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The issue was addressed in another thread, here. The conclusion was that you cannot program a stock micro arcade in the same way as an Arduboy, but there might be possibilities later, with a replacement PCB or otherwise. This thread shows how to change the playable game, as all possible games are burned to the PCB at shipping.

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How would I go about doing this on the microarcade cards?

Just a forewarning; my understanding is that the job requires some soldering. :slight_smile: A very cheap soldering iron works for most jobs. Maybe @Keyboard_Camper could chime in with some tips. I don’t have a Micro-Arcade unit in front of me… If you have a unit with you, open it up with the screws and send some photos of the pads above your “B” button. This will enable us to help you.

There you go, I’m assuming those pads would be it on the top right… I was looking into programming (and dumping) the chip with a raspi, but can’t figure out the correct pin-to pin connections (the diagram is labelled with D0 and D1 for example). I only kind of dismissed them because of the lack of a visible jumper. Also, @dezli do you think it could brick the device if I tried jumping the pads?

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These things are the same as the tiny arcade and I think people have posted some ways to hack those. Not sure, if you find something out let me know. Didn’t make these.

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Yeah… Try getting in contact with the people from the other thread, and see what they think.

Sorry, as I said, I don’t have any experience with the Tiny Arcades or the Micro Arcades. I was just trying to help you along the right path. :grinning:

I doubt it would brick the device, but don’t hold me responsible if it does. Is there a solder or trace between any of these pads? this would likely be what chooses the game on boot. As far as I know, you’d need to unsolder it or cut the traces then implement some other mechanism to choose the game. Good luck!

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Thanks! @dezli