Micro City Not Uploading

It will not upload onto my Arduboy I have no idea what im doing please help thank you!

You could upload the hex which should work. Go here http://arduboy.ried.cl/ and at the top it says to download the arduboy uploader. Do that then you can click on “upload to my arduboy” under any of the games on that page and it should upload it to your arduboy.


Thanks! Its working great now

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As far as I can tell there’s at least two things wrong.

Firstly it’s set to use the Genuino Uno Board instead of Leonardo.
Secondly, although I’m not sure what the programming error is,
I’m guessing it’s probably that the Arduboy2 library isn’t installed.

If you just want to play games then you can just keep using the loader for now though.

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Yeah you’ll need to complete the rest of the setup with arduino by installing the library and setting the board type.

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