Micro USB Audio and Link Cable

Nope, we would need the opposite of this device, which would create 2 hosts that talk to each other.

Nope, cause the null modem connection is to connect two hosts together and not two devices.

Jinx you owe me a mod-chip programmer!

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I better get on it then :wink:

Ah that’s a shame. Oh well

Only sorta, it might be possible to get a low level chip like this to provide such a host connection. I think the SAMD can do a host?

The MAX3421 could probably be used too. They’re also used on this Arduino Uno Shield

You’d need a device with 2 of those and an mcu.

Or 1 of those and an mcu with built in host.

Well if anyone ever builds one then Network of the Damned should just work with it :slight_smile:

Link cable prototype works! KUDOS to @MLXXXp

Using two MAX485 so that it runs in full duplex, next design will be to use a single chip that can do full duplex, at 3.3v so that it is more closer to the USB-C specification.

Using the high speed lines of the USB-C cable is allowed, but technically you are supposed to do a handshake first.

However my configuration will have it set to USB 2.0 so these extra conductors should be disconnected or tri-stated on the host device.

Even so, all of the pins on USB-C are supposed to remain 5v tolerant anyways.