MicroCity - City simulation in your pocket

Haven’t been here for a while but this game is looking Goodall!


MicroCity is now featured prominently on the Arduboy homepage!




@HercTNT You don’t need to buy another Arduboy because there is another way to load games on to it. When you boot up your Arduboy, hold UP and it will enter Flashlight Mode. Now plug your Arduboy into your computer and get another game on your Arduboy. Now it should work fine! Also, buying another Arduboy would be hard as they are currently sold out. If you live somewhere else than North America, it might be different.

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No he is saying that he likes this game and want to play this game OFTEN, so he decided to buy another one. That saves him time when switching games.(like, he really like it.)
I guess he was clever enough to figure the flashlight bit out…
And yes, I plan on having multiple arduboy/arduboy clones so I can play different games without booting up my 6 year old laptop.

Sold out? Wow. Things getting really popular now…

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As @CDR_Xavier said, @HercTNT was saying they wanted to keep a single Arduboy with MicroCity loaded all the time, not that they can’t upload anything else because their Arduboy is bricked.

You’ll have to do a lot of spending to catch up with @eried

Blame Linus Sebastian.


Now if we could get a Microcity Edition Arduboy I would be all set :slight_smile:


This is awesome! Thanks for featuring it on the home page :slight_smile:

Oops yes this is a bug! You don’t ever need more than one power station so I must have forgotten to test placing more than one in the city. I can fix this in the next release.

You can place roads or power lines on top of water to form a bridge (but only in a straight line)

How awesome would that be?! :grin:


Well then there is the bug where you cannot place road on some water

Pretty sure this answers your question @CDR_Xavier

There is some water tiles that you CANNOT put road on, for some reason.
That being what I am saying.

This is really cool!
It is also really impressive :smiley:

Hey everyone, I’m new here. Just got my Arduboy (and I love it) from Digikey.com. @jhhoward, I want to install this game onto my Arduboy, and noticing your earlier post you said that one must first put the device into flashlight mode before you can upload a new game. I have been trying for the past few minutes to put my Arduboy into that state, just to make sure I can, and I can’t get it to do anything other than boot up my current game (CastleBoy). Any suggestions? Either way I am going to install this right now :slight_smile:!

Well it seems as though I have just answered my own question :sweat_smile:! I looked up the specification of flashlight mode (thank you for the very informative post @crait) And as it turns out, CastleBoy does use enough of its own libraries that flashlight mode is disabled. I look forward to spend time playing this game!


Glad you figured it out, have fun!

Hey, @jhhoward, I just wanted to let you know that I think your MicroCity game is one of the best games for the Arduboy! I am absolutely blown away by the amount of polish that you’ve thrown into this game. Great job! It’s definitely one of my favorites!


I tried this with @FManga emulator which btw I just found and it is awesome! So I decided to give it a try (I never played any sim games) and this game is great! Thank you for creating!

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As far as I’m aware, @eried hasn’t written an emulator.

If you mean ProjectABE, that was written by @fmanga.
(Or do you mean some other Arduboy emulator?)
@eried’s repo features links to ProjectABE, so perhaps that is what you are getting confused by?


My apologizes! That is the confusion indeed. Should have done some more reading before my post… Yes I am referring to @eried’s repo with @FManga emulator which are both fantastic. Thank you for pointing out my error!


@jhhoward At all interested in seeing this ported to Gamebuino META in color?


That would be great, but i think i’d rather have it ported on the Pokitto in color…