MicroCity - City simulation in your pocket

It’s definitive one of my favorites, too. But I agree: A few more building types would be more interesting. But me and my son like this game a lot. The graphics are beautiful and clear.

But I found two bugs (don’t know, if already posted earlier):

  • If I set buildings close to each other to reach a high density, I’m not able to build anymore buildings after the map is filled to approx. 75…80%. I’m able to build streets and wires, but no more buildings. Out of memory? Why is it possible to build dozens more streets?
  • If there are two power plants, that are not connected to each other (for example one city at left side of the river and another one at the right side), the first power plant and city gets out of power immediately after building the second one. Even the power plant itself has a blinking out-of-power-icon.

Yes, should technically be possible to add other types of building types. It would need new graphics and extra logic on how they should interact with the rest of the city (plus balancing where required).

Regarding the bugs you found:

  1. You have hit the memory limit. There is a limit to the number of buildings you can place (even if there is space on the map). Unfortunately nothing can really be done about this as memory usage is already very tight.
  2. The multiple power plant bug has been fixed but I haven’t made a new binary release. If you compile from source then this will fix the issue. I should get around to putting a new release up on Github! Edit: Oops! Just realised that I never committed the fix. I will try get a fix in when I have some time.

Power plant bug fixed. New release binaries available on Github:


The is most certainly my most favorite Arduboy game so far. I wouldn’t mind seeing sound effects in this game if you have the will for it. I am most certainly into your adaptation here.


I think there probably would be room for sound effects. I guess there wouldn’t be much needed - just build and demolish sounds


I could almost see the LED flash orange when there is a fire also. Haha. I didn’t realize LED lights could be used in game dev on this Arduboy until Farkle and Ardutosh.

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A memory corruption bug was discovered when developing the Pokitto port. It can sometimes affect the power grid connectivity calculation when buildings are built in the very corner of the map. I’ve released a new build on Github that fixes the problem!


I just got a crash on the Arduboy FX. I assume it’s the bug on that version. How do I replace the version on the FX with the bug fix? I love this game, I want to build a big city :slight_smile:

Found this to get the newest version onto the FX, as well as a ton more games: [Build your own Arduboy FX Cart Image - Arduboy - Arduboy] Build your own Arduboy FX Cart Image