MicroTank a shooter game

(hartmann1301) #1

Here is my first game.

You start with a small tank and your goal is to get as deep as possilbe into enemy territory. Some enemys drop coins for upgrading the weapon of your choice. For more detail see my github readme file.



There should be everything you need in the repo.
The Game on Githup

This game was never tested on a original arduboy, I hope it works and performs fast enought.
There is lots of room for performance improvement, mostly my costum slow draw function.

I could have spent another week balacing the weapons and make changes but I think it is playable now.

(Matt) #2

The graphics are really expressive for their size. I love the recoil.

(Matt) #3

Hope you don’t mind, I threw it in the emulator to try it out


This game is great!

(hartmann1301) #4

absolutly not, thanks for the emulator link!

(Scott) #5

I suggest you add a licence so people will know what they can do with your published source.

(hartmann1301) #6

you are right, I added a license to the .ino file

(Scott R) #7

I’m having fun with this I’m surprised I can see the sprites they are tiny but work amazingly well.

I’m not 100% and am unable to test at the moment but using justPressed() to invoke the inventory may work better.

I made the following changes.

Moved lines 5 & 32 (ps2 controller stuff) to be in with ESP8266 def’s at line 21 in Globals.h

#ifdef ESP8266
#define PS2_DAT       D6 // brown/green
#define PS2_CMD       D0 // orange 
#define PS2_SEL       D5 // yellow
#define PS2_CLK       D8 // blue
#include <PS2X_lib.h>
PS2X ps2x;
SSD1306Brzo oled(OLED_I2C_ADRESS, D2, D1);

Added arduboy.pollButtons(); at line 137 MicroTank.ino

  if (!(arduboy.nextFrame()))

and swapped all instances of arduboy.pressed(B_BUTTON) to arduboy.justPressed(B_BUTTON) in Buttons.h

A+B special attack work and Shop now opens and closes on a single press rather than bouncing on and off screen if the B_Button is held.

In Readme.md heart description it says gifes instead of gives

(hartmann1301) #8

Thank you a lot, you are right with all of your changes so I implemented all of them into the code, and I am glad you are having fun with it.

To the small “sprites” some of them are not even spirtes. The human looking enemys are painted with the arduboy drawing functions :smile:


This is the .png where all the the game grafix were painted.