Midnight Wild - A Cowboy-Themed Metroidvania!

(Holmes) #1

Mednight Wild - v 1.3

Something’s gone awry out West! Help Dusty Argile adventure out and defeat the baddies who are causing a commotion and stopping him from getting a good night’s rest. Put them to sleep with your handy lasso and rack up as many points as you can, but watch out for falling barrels, cacti, whirling tumbleweeds, snakes, and coyotes! Most of all, watch out for the mad bull and crazy Texan twister!

MidnightWild MidnightWild3

MidnightWild2 MidnightWild4


A: Jump
B: Whip
Left/Right: Move Left/Right

Menu Controls

A: Start
B: Enable/Disable Sound
Up: Enable/Disable Screen Casting
Down: Swap Jump/Whip Buttons


  • Saves High Score
  • Music
  • Screen Casting


Download .arduboy: http://crait.net/proj/MidnightWild.arduboy
Download Sketch: http://crait.net/proj/MidnightWild.zip
Download .hex: http://crait.net/proj/MidnightWild.hex
This game is also available on the Arduboy Manager!


Follow me on Twitter for more updates and releases: @crait
Check out my site for my other stuff: http://crait.net/?projects

Follow the pixel artist, Mario Vespa, on Twitter: @greayyscale


1.3: August 3, 2018

  • Saved some space for alternative board deployment
  • Added a license

1.2: August 3, 2018

  • Dusty runs out of the screen like a boss after winning a boss fight
  • Barrel patters are adjusted to be more fair when fighting the bull
  • Adjusted tumbleeweed patterns when fighting the tornado
  • Add black background to the tornado
  • Added a black background to the mesas in the background
  • Add black background to the bull
  • Mesas & moon no longer jump around when entering a boss fight
  • Adjusted the animation speed of the falling barrels
  • Updated greycove’s name
  • Expanded greycove’s portrait
  • Misc space-saving techniques

1.1: April 28, 2018

  • Added ability to swap whip/jump buttons in the title screen
  • Adjusted the level’s edge to allow the player to see further
  • Adjusted a few level layouts to make it smoother

1.0: April 27, 2018

  • Initial Release
  • Polish & Gameplay Tweaks

0.9: April 26, 2018

  • Preview Release

VGA1306 plus NES Controller
I received my arduboy!
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Got my Arduboy!
What are you working on?
(Nicole Birgel) #2

Brilliant. Or as we would say in german: Der pure Wahnsinn!

(Scott R) #3

Looks really great I can’t wait to play. Or as we say in England: looks the fu…g nuts it’s the dogs bo…ks.

(Nicole Birgel) #4

So who needs Red Dead and Indiana Jones anymore :wink:?!

(Sam) #5

When I click on the link it takes me to a page with lots of words. Is there a GitHub?
Btw I will be out to day so if some one has a fix it would be grate. :smile:

(Holmes) #6

Which link are you talking about? Which version are you trying to download? There’s no need to put these files on GitHub since I link directly to them. Save the Sketch file (.INO file) at the following address to your computer and then open it with the Arduino IDE. http://crait.net/proj/MidnightWild.ino

(Kevin) #7

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I love it :heart_eyes: Thanks a lot :blush:

(fred ) #16

Finally got my bricked arduboy back to life. Loaded this game on it. Very challenging and fun. Pixel art is spot on.

(Stephane C) #17

Wow. Great job on this one.

(Simon) #18

Absolutely … great work @crait and Mario!


This is really great! It’s a lot of fun to play. The controls are tight and responsive, and the graphics are fantastic. The randomly generated levels give a lot of variety, and the whip is really satisfying to use. It seems like that the challenges you encounter are (mostly) fair, but sometimes three or four things come together to make some tricky situations. For example, I was standing on a cliff, a coyote was directly underneath on a thin ledge, and a snake was across the chasm. As soon as I jumped across the gap I got bounced back across by knockback and lost all my health as the coyote kept bouncing me around. Still a lot of fun though!

One thing that would make some challenges feel less unfair (especially tumbleweeds), is if the screen scrolled a little further forward. The player has to walk two thirds of the way across the screen before it starts scrolling, and tumbleweeds come in super fast, sometimes higher than the whips so you have to jump and whip it. Not a big issue, but I felt like I took a lot of cheap hits from tumbleweeds.

Also, I don’t know if anybody else felt this way, but the buttons felt backwards for me. It felt a lot more natural for me to use A to whip and B to jump, and it felt really confusing having it the other way round. I went into the source and flipped the buttons, and it seemed a lot more natural to me. Yay open source!

My best score so far (using the flipped buttons) is 571.

(Holmes) #20

Thanks for the feedback! I will make flipping the buttons an option in the main menu and will adjust the screen’s edge position some.


Holy cowboys! this looks amazing! can’t wait to play it!

(Holmes) #22

Just uploaded an updated version! 1.1 now includes:

  • Ability to swap whip/jump buttons in the title screen using the down button
  • Level’s edge decreased to allow the player to see further
  • Adjusted a few level layouts to make it smoother

(Sam) #23

:cactus: What happened to all the other cacti?

(Holmes) #24

They’re still there! The levels just randomly generate, so it is a coincidence if you don’t see one.

EDIT: Ohh, those cacti! Yeah, I didn’t think they fit as well. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Nicole Birgel) #25

The update is really improving the overall experience, thanks!

(Darrell) #26

Amazing! Wild, Wild, West at it’s best! Plays great on the Dev Kit too!

(Sam) #27

:C I like them.