Minesweeper v2.0.0 (multiple languages available)

So you didn’t find it then :wink:

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I can’t wait for more people to find it, something cool might appear after… or not…

I can assure you that the easter egg isn’t based on something happening after a period of time.

If you did find the easer egg, perhaps you accidentally pressed a button and didn’t realise?

this game is simple but nice to play and addictive! :fu:


Yes, it’s a game that i always tried to not play because i thought it was boring… until i tried it on the Arduboy, then it became one of my favourite for that handheld.

And there’s a easter egg hidden somewhere in it. Just wish more people could find it. Here’s a hint… it could be a ‘game changer’.

@Pharap did a good job on that game, the coding under the hood is quite something.


I haven’t forgotten, my backlog is just really long and continually growing.


I feel guilty now. :see_no_evil:

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It’s fine. If I hadn’t been helping with Arduwars I’d probably have fallen into the trap known as Skyrim or ended up sacrificing my wallet to lord Gaben.

Procrastination is a terrible disease.


I’m going to be trying to get through the issue backlog in the next few days.

@uXe, would you mind checking if this branch solved the linux compilation issue?
If there are no other issues then I can merge the branch immediately.

if you need I can traduce it in Italian.


All good, compiles fine now cobber! :+1:

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I would be happy to add an italian translation if you could provide one.
I’ll PM you with some details to avoid clutting up the thread.

Excellent, consider it merged.

v2.0.0 has just been released:

This update is 80% aesthetic, 5% backend and 15% fancy new bidirectional save system.

Fancy new graphics provided by @Vampirics.

Minesweeper.arduboy will be coming soon, just need to get some new screenshots.
Minesweeper.arduboy is available.

There’s a PR ready for updating the entry on @eried’s repo, it will be merged when @eried has a some time available from his busy schedule.


Here’s a teaser of the new themes feature.
I’m only going to post the ‘Sea’ theme though,
I’ll keep the other four themes a surprise…


Also, thanks to @Vampirics, @Nicole_Birgel and @eried for helping with translations, as always.

I’m afraid I cut @filmote out of providing the Aussie names for the themes because he was asleep at the time, but I’m sure he’ll appreciate them.

And of course, all the big backgrounds supplied by the new themes feature were created by our resident artist @Vampirics.


LOL … not too many Killer Penguins my way. We have an island near by where Japanese tourist flock to watch the Fairy Penguins come in each night. Unfortunately with penguins and seals in the area there are often sharks …


An animal in Australia that can’t kill you? Lies. :P
It’s just not trying hard enough.

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The penguin lures you towards the sharks!


I recently wrote a similar Minesweeper game, but I was not perfect in comparison.


Just the fact that you wrote it makes it quite something. it’s not a competition, and i think your version have variable playfield, which this version here doesn’t have. So be proud of your version!

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I could provide Czech and probably even Slovak translation. Don’t know if the goal is to have as many langs as possible or just have the big ones. Feel free to contact me if interested :slight_smile:

EDIT: I could also try Esperanto, but would have to find a proofreader because I’m still a noob in it :expressionless: But I know plenty Esperantists at Diaspora.