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In a few weeks I am heading on a skiing trip kf ehich there is a 16 hour coach journey to the resort. With this is mind, I was wondering thr best way of loading games on to the Arduboy without a computer at hand. I have Arduboy Mate installed on my phone but not all the games I want are in the repo and not having the knowledge to make my own, I was wodnering if there was any other way tonload them.

Hmmm… @mockfrog’s Arduboy Mate should be updating very soon to allow use of my new repo, which has a few more games on it. I think he’s also going to have .hex support, as well. Maybe he can give some insight into when he’s planning on pushing these updates.

I’m gutted it’s not compatible with my phone. Huawei P9 Lite.

I’m right now implementing the new repository format into Arduboy Mate. Expect it to be available within the next few days.
With this new version you’ll be able to use both, the old and the new repository format side by side.

It’s already possible to flash local .hex, or .arduboy files. For example: You can download all the Team A.R.G games to your device storage and flash them using the file chooser in Arduboy Mate.

Hi @phil8715
Yes it looks like it’s not able to do USB-OTG. I’m very sorry :frowning:

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@mockfrog Thanks for clearing that up. Is there any chance you could create a guide on how to do that because I have tried it before and I was unable to work how to do it.

It appears it’s not. Oh well I’ve got other devices I can use.

@mockfrog Nevermind, worked out how to load them now. Is there a way to load files that aren’t .arduboy though, and if there is could you explain how please?

@HZ128 yes you can also flash .hex files. An .arduboy file is only a zip file which contains a .hex file plus a lot of meta data and images.
Here you can find a small howto.

@mockfrog I have several games downloaded on my phone. However, Arduboy Mate seems to be unable to pick any of them up. Can you give me any advice?


  • Are you able to browse your storage folders with the file picker dialog from Arduboy Mate?
  • If not: What Android version does your device run? On lollipop and newer you should have seen a permission request to access the storage. Maybe you have dismissed this dialog?
  • The file picker filters for files with .hex and .arduboy extensions. You won’t see your files, if they have another extension.

@mockfrog I am able to browse storage folder from Arduboy Mate. Not having a strong knowledge of prgramming, I am unsure what extensions the files have. I have included a list below in case you to know:
Hollow Seeker

They don’t have any extension and therefore are not shown in the file picker dialog…
If these are indeed hex files, you could append a “.hex” to each file name and try again.
Too see, if these are hex files open them with a text editor.
If they look something like this:

they are.

@mockfrog I have found a .hex file for one of the games (which works fine), however I am unable to find .hex files for the others. Do you have any idea on how to either convert them or use them with the app?

What did you find? The source code?

@crait @mockfrog Apart from the one that had a seperate folder for the .hex file, I only understood enough to work out that there wasn’t a .hex file in the rest of the zip folders.

@HZ128 if there is no hex file you have to compile the games yourself. Have a look into the QuickStart Guide to see, how to get going.

@mockfrog I’ve got it all sorted now. Thanks a lot for the help!

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