Morse Course Sandbox

Hi everyone, and welcome to
Morse Course Sandbox!

This game is designed to be a teaching tool for Morse code. As of now, it doesn’t really have anything other than the basic 26 English letters–no numbers, prosigns, or non-English characters–but i think it’s good for the basics.


It has a limited options menu at the moment.

I drew inspiration from rhythm games, but I didn’t end up with any kind of feedback (like points) in the limited time, hence, sandbox. Pushing A makes noise on the play screen, and the little moving dits and dahs tell you when doing that will make letters (it’s when they pass through the line).

Git is giving me trouble, and while normally i would love to spend however long figuring out what’s wrong with it, I’m a morning person and it’s midnight, so here’s a shareable link on Google Drive instead. MorseCourseSandbox.hex is the file to go to for playing the game, and I guess you can look at my code in the others too if you want. It’s not the neatest though.


This is such a great idea for an Arduboy game!

Cool concept! does it react if you fail or something? like: gives you feedback?

A good addition would be to include a “reference manual” for checking morse :smiley:

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Thanks! Right now, no, the game doesn’t give feedback for mistakes, that and the reference manual are definitely things I’d want to add if I were to spend some more time cleaning this up.

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This is awesome I’ve been wanting to do something like this that’s why I suggested “the outdoors” as a theme. I was thinking Morse, SOS mode, flashlight and maybe some survival tips, a kind of Arduboy swiss army knife.

The nextFrame() logic is reversed. This game will execute the code in loop() continuously except when it’s time for the next frame.

Oh whoops, thanks for letting me know!

Thanks! That sounds like a really cool idea, it’d be great to have around.

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