Mouse Interrupter

I in fact do not know where to put this one at.
It’s obviously not a game, but it is Arduboy related (somewhat)

I present you … the Mouse interrupter.

Why do I write it

It happened to me once (maybe twice) that I am in need of downloading something over a extended period of time, usually overnight, and that if I let the screen go dark then the stupid laptop of mine will have a chance to stop downloading all of a sudden. However, if I keep the screen lit (and give it input) then it will do fine.

It’s like when I am sitting in front of it watching the downloading number go up it will behave properly, but if I don’t then it will not.

Since I don’t have my Arduboy (lugging around a credit card with a cumbersome 18650 strapped to its back, plus some fragile exposed wires is anything but convenient), and my Arduboy clone lacks a few pins for the protoshield and the stuff on it, the program do not have any visual output, or sound. Beside the TX light.

Again, quote from GNU license header:

I hope you can find it useful.

That is quite a over engineered solution for you problem…
A change it in the power/energy saver settings would do it too.

Also it should be sufficient to only have one single mouse move instead this left/right wiggle with all the delays.

I am glad someone replied. I had no idea what to say to this …




The concept is cool, I often use: just to be sure… My MS Surface tends to try to sleep over lengthy processes even when every setting is preventing that



Yes, it is precisely the problem. ESPECIALLY with my Windows 10.
On my Windows 7 here everything works fine. I am able to pull things off the internet with the power connected, over any length of time (haven’t done over 72 hours, which is a weekend)
On my Windows 10 it don’t work. Plugging it in may prevent it from sleeping but not downloading things proper.

I’d also put the blame on the internet, but right now I am really just looking for a reason to put that stupid Leonardo to use. (pins on the way)