Mr. Blinky's Various Arduboy Clones

I’m really liking that ArduSP :heart_eyes:
I wonder if a screen will fit the SY-2032 model it would be perfect for @filmote’s 1943


Based on the shape it’s more of an Arduboy Advance than an Arduboy Advance SP.

I was playing on the PSP shape :stuck_out_tongue:

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I see that now. (Sony consoles aren’t really ‘my department’ :P)

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I do have one that looks similar but with a landscape orientated screen. It’s a bit bigger. The bigger version has hard plastic buttons and the 4 rotate buttons is just a single button ( the smaller yellow one has rubber buttons with conductive rubber for all 4 rotate buttons an can be hacked as A and B buttons)


…and… the 1.54" SSD1309 OLED display came today.I really like it. It’s nice and bright. I discovered that all but Arduboy and the SH1106 module have very bright displays because of the dedicated voltage booster that geneate a high Vcc (12.5V~14.5V)

A screenshot of my display collection :smiley:

Here’s a list of my display sources and prices:

0.96" SSD1306 128x64 1-bit mono Supports 3.3V and 5V. current price $2.32

1.3" SH1106 128x64 1-bit monoSupports both 3.3V and 5V current price $3.88

2.42" SSD1309 128x64 1-bit mono Supports both 3.3V and 5V current price $21.88

1.54" SSD1309 128x64 1-bit mono Supports both 3.3V and 5V current price $10

Alternate resolutions and pixel depth:

1.12" SSD1329 96x96 4-bit gray Supports 3.3V only levelshifter required. current price $8.71

1.2" SSD1327 128x96 4-bit gray Supports 3.3V only Levelshifter required. current price $9.54

Out of the 128x64 displays. I’d say the 1.54" one is the most attractive one as you get a nice large display for just $10


Cool, I bought the 1.54 yellow OLED display and am waiting for it to arrive.

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The yellow display looks nice. I also want to get a yellow one. preferably in 2.7" format so I have that size too. But can’t make up my mind if I should keep looking for a mono one (with SSD1305) or just get the 4-bit gray one (SSD1325) :stuck_out_tongue:

can I ask if “1.3” SH1106 128x64 1-bit mono3Supports both 3.3V and 5V current price $3.88" display is suitable for arduboy clone?

@Maki, That display is based on the SH1106 driver chip, not the SSD1306 that a real Arduboy uses. A “clone” using this will not be 100% Arduboy compatible and will require modifications to the library, such those that @Mr.Blinky has made available.

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if you want to upload existing hex files the answer is no. If you plan to or don’t mind uploading the sketches using the Arduino IDE then the SH1106 display can be used using the adapted libraries.

Also note that when using original Arduboy hex files with an Arduino Micro, the Rx and Tx LEDs will behave opposite of what is intended (light up continiously when idle and off on transfers). If you do not want this behaviour you need to use the Arduino IDE anyway and alternative displays come into the picture.

You can buy the 0,96" one which uses the same controller as Arduboy (SSD1306). if you want an 1.3" version you’d have be willing to pay quite a bit more


The Dreamcast VMU makes a nice Arduboy Clone with 1.3" display too :smiley:
For under $10 You get a nice case, set of buttons, piezo speaker and CR2032 battery


Do you think you can cram everything in there? Before I built my clone in a box of Tic Tacs I had a look at one of my old VMUs. Eventually I gave up on that idea… I didn’t have the courage to gut the VMU and figured it wouldn’t fit, especially since I wanted to use a LiPo.

Oh no you beat me! this was on my todo list I just can’t find what box my VMU’s are in.
If you cut the board down there’s a few traces and via’s that are useable for the buttons

You should be able to get a pro micro and LiPo in there if you trim PCB to buttons only and cut the battery tray out and glue the cover in.

People have got Pi Zero’s and LiPo in these.

Whoa! I just looked up the Pi Zero mods you mentioned, hadn’t seen those yet.
I’ll have to give the VMUs a second look. Would be funny to run the VMU emulator on it after the upgrade! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yeah there’s plenty of room. I’m planning to cut the bottom row of IC pins right at the top so I can easely desolder the pins. I’ll also cut the board at that point above the solder pads. Those are needed for some of the buttons. A nice thing is that the battery mounts are still functional. So my first mod will use the original CR2032. with a 3.3V boosterto get the most out of the battery.

HeHe I had a feeling someone had the same idea. You can still beat me. I need to wait for more parts :wink:

Yeah I saw it. I like the lipo idea too. might do a 2nd Arduboy mod with lipo and combine the micro USB charger with the promicro.

I told myself I had enough OLED displays. But couldn’t resist buying this 2.42" Yellow OLED display for just $11.98 That’s a real bargain!

I never got the display (Maybe the seller realised the item was priced too cheaply and decided to not ship it)

My DevKit had some spagetti :smiley: Hooked it up with a levelshifter board, SPI flash and ISP programmer for some flashy bootloader stuff :slight_smile:

I claim a new wire asignment:

Arduboy homebrew function Leonardo / Micro DevKit Pro Micro 5V std. Pro Micro 5V alt.

EDIT: reading(streaming) from the SPI works fine :grinning:


@Mr.Blinky now that I look at your pinout table, where do your SPI sck and mosi go? Obviously there aren’t 16 digital outs on my Leonardo, so are you using the icsp headers, or am I mistaken entirely?

SCLK and MOSI are only available on the ICSP header. So you have to connect them from there.

Sounds like your display module has a 3.3V output. Connect 5V to Vin and GND to GND. Don’t connect anything to 3.3V