MSRP and International Pricing

@bateske the arduboy’s that get sold through local (national) resellers do you have some pricing agreement (like official arduino’s and raspberries) (although arduino price can vary)?
Or is it that exchange rates determine the price?
Can i order from the main site when the exchange rate is in my advantage compared to local buying?

There is a suggested MSRP of $49 usd but I’ve never had to enforce this. International vendors do seem to calculate a bit more than the exchange rate but this is likely due to the fact they are also calculating taxes.

Depending on where you are in the world, the import taxes can be very hefty. Some countries are more strict about charging these fees. The UK and Germany are particularly bad about dinging you for taxes.

International shipping is also a flat $15 for most places shipping from the Arduboy store so you’ll have to factor in the costs there as well.

In general, my suggestion is to buy from a local distributor. Pick up some extra stuff from them as well and help distribute the shipping cost. I think it will almost always be cheaper and faster to get it from a store that is closer to you, but of course you should do the math yourself… just don’t forget about import taxes.

Ok clear, i asked this because my local dealer (whom by the way is my favorite for everything else) seems to charge a pretty steep price for a Arduboy.
I’m not saying that a company should not make a profit, but in this case I’m cheaper of buying abroad (and hey, i can only spend my money once).

So recap, i am free to choose…

Edit: my local vendor does not charge shipping but even then i am cheaper off buying from the main site…

Edit 2: oh yeah import taxes, never really dealth with that (keeping every order under 20 euro keeps the taxman away) and even then adding 21 percent (dutch tax) even doesn’t cover the difference. Maybe buying price plus tax plus shipping :crazy_face: oompf this is getting too much…

€59.95 at SOS Solutions isn’t that bad. Considering that buying from Arduboy store including flatrate shipping will be around €57.50 (and there’s the risk of getting custom charged). But if you can be patient (backorder) you can get it for €50 from Digikey Make sure you add stuff to meet the €50 order threshold or else shipping costs will be added.


The difference is not that big indeed.
It’s more the comparison between bare prices that anoy me.

And tax stacking, glad that’s done over in Europe…