Multi-player linked Arduboys via a USB host (PC)


I’ll take a look this evening. I recently lost a hard drive that wasn’t backed up and it may have been on there. It was relatively simple. It followed a lot of the principles of sockets which is used for regular networking but used serial connections instead of socket connections. The biggest issue for anything larger is making sure Python keeps the correct data types as Python doesn’t allow data type to be declared.

In the future it could be possible to leverage a relatively infinite source of processing power in the server to do all calculations for more complex games with the Arduboy being just a video output and button input.


@bateske A bit overkill, but you should also be able use my multi-player Chrome app on a Raspberry Pi.


That’s awesome, had no idea Chrome was capable of serial communication. Guess what they say is right. It’s practically an operating system by itself these days. Would you be willing to offer the source?


@Wozza a bit scrolling didn’t hurt anybody yet :wink:

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I made below. Is it ok?:

Multi-Player linked Arduboys via a Raspberry pi USB host

Here is a code:

Arduboy multiplayer!
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In addition, I tried this Chrome App from @davidperrenoud with my clients.
It also went well :slight_smile:


I think another simple device which has enough USB ports and can send the messages from 1 to all would be OK. That can be done with another Arduino and maybe on a future model developers can use the I2C port.