Multi-tool pack [teaser]

Parts of a certain work of mine … that is under progress…
ignore the broken stopwatch … and the bug in the tally counter.

Any thought BESIDE better UI for flashlight and mouse? (and the fixing of stopwatch)
Oh, and this thing do NOT eat RAM. ram usage blow 75% at all times is what I will say.


I do not understand what the ‘mouse’ function does.

Maybe with the five function you could choose between one or two dice?


I assumed it emulated a 2 button mouse on the USB port.

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Right, of course it is … seemed like s good use for an Arduboy when you can buy s mouse for a fraction of its price.

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Nope, one dice only.
Let me think about that.
NO! It’s too much work for the graphics.
You always have the option to roll twice :slightly_smiling_face:

I should do another one called keyboard
Sometimes (as the school’s digital board don’t come with a keyboard) you will need it.

Since @filmote have no idea what is that in the first place, I decided to add some SWEET GRAPHICS. Took me the time of two lunch breaks.

YET, the entire pack still uses 66% of the flash.


If a person wants more dice capability, they can always load Team A.R.G.'s Dice of Fate :smile:

Ooo throwing up competition up there!
But the dice of fate is one entire software designed just for dices. Good job ARG.

The point of multi-tool pack is to pack as much useful functions as it can into one (similar to the first days of electronic watches).
So far we had:
Tally Counter (10$)
Mice (10$)
Stopwatch (I nerfed it but it can be accurate for 0.01 seconds instead of 0.1 seconds) (10$)
RGB Flashlight (5$–I count that one cheap)
Dice (0.1$)
So far there is still a 24.9$ gap if you were to load ONLY this tool on the Arduboy, with the price to be at 50$ (ignore the tax)
A further 15$ can be included with a keyboard function
We don’t have RTC, or you’ll have a alarm clock, which will give a value of 10$.

This dice is for decision-making – those having difficulty choosing, and for when you don’t have a coin in your pocket.
Perhaps a more random randomizer can be used on mine…

Completely unimportant.
So far I was considering the keyboard’s layout, but then I remembered that the 128 * 64 display can hold as much as 22 characters * 6 lines, which is plenty just enough space to do cram everything in.
I am gonna chill out for now. Will work later.

Except the screen is 128 x 64 not 128 x 96 as you state.

Do the two dice but just use the same graphics. Make sure the dice never cross paths with each other. You could simply start one dice before the other or make them start at slightly different x and y positions.

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The screen is 128x64, typo :sweat_smile:
You can, in fact, squeeze 8 lines inside, on my high score screens for most of my games …
So the keyboard won’t be a issue anymore, then.
I’ll probably do a non-full keyboard (keyboard without the numerical keyboard), due to the width limit.

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Well, here’s an example:

More teaser coming up … :P
(it lags)

That (progress on code) also meant I am going to add the keyboard function to the Arduboy …