Multiple choice text adventure engine for Arduboy with Tinychoice

I made a tiny choose your own adventure engine a while ago called tinychoice - no code involved, just a simple markup language. Today I added an exporter for it today that generates Arduboy games -

I’d be really interested in hearing feedback if anyone tries it out!


I would like to try it out but is it out on arduboy manager?

@Cody17 because this is actually a web-app that creates the game as you go, there’s no real way to host it in the game manager.


Hi,! Thanks for the interest!

You can make/test the game in your web browser (hitting “share” generates a link to a playable online build), but you need to compile the final example in the Arduino app yourself, alas.

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Cool thx @bateske and @increpare I will try some time in the future to try mod it if I’m allowed!

Apologies for the necro bump but I only just found this and have had great fun messing around with it.
Thought I would give it a bump for new members to see and say thanks.


What a great idea. I hadn’t seen this before and it is giving me ideas. Not sure why the output embeds the entire Arduboy2 library but oh well.

I wonder how big a world you could build before you ran out of memory?


I dont know but this makes me want to port Zork to arduboy for some reasons.


it embeds it because I want the generated code to be as standalone/easy to compile as possible

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Fair enough.

I wonder what you could strip out of the library to give more space to the game itself?

Also, there are some 4x6 and 3x5 fonts available that you may be interested in incorporating. It would simply give you more text on the screen / less scrolling.


I do love this… but I do have a selfish request. Is there a way to have this editor offline?

EDIT: I’m so sorry, I found this following your links…

I feel dumb. Thank you for making this available :smiley:

Final edit: I am able to use it on my offline systems no problem :slight_smile: I am so excited about this, You did a great job on this little gem!

Cool, i make the example in french

Using smaller font for Arduboy could be really cool to have a little more letters for action sentences (french use alot words…)