Music maker? Need help with sound

Is there a known way for beginners to convert music into music for the arduboy? Also it s there a amusing maker like ssase?

Check out the thread …

It talks about options and I was able to get a TV theme song into an ArduboyTones format.


There is also:


Yep and we have the editor working, just read the manual to get started.


This didn’t help I’ve also tried team args one no luck there either

What didn’t help … what did you do, what did not work?

I was able to get a recognizable tune going.

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What I do is:

  1. Search for a midi music that I like or that it is similar to what I need. is nice for this because they have simplified songs
  2. Load the midi in Aria Maestrosa:
  3. Identify the tracks that are not the main one and delete those (drums, bass, etc). Then simplify that channel. Remove some notes (leave maximum 2 notes at the same time). Also since you removed channels there might be gaps that you need to fill shortening the score. Additionally you might want to shorten the complete score.
  4. Export to midi and convert it with midi2tones

I tried to do that for curiosity (and also because it might be usefull) but i did hit a wall on step 4.
I’ve downloaded the .zip of midi2tones, i tried to launch any of the .exe (the 4 of them), it opens and close right after. Tried to start it with admin privileges but it doesn’t change anything.
I’m really not used to run things like this so i don’t know what i’m doing wrong there.

In the midi2tones folder, type “cmd” without quotes in the address bar and hit enter. A command prompt will pop, now type: “midi” and press the tab key several times until you get the .exe, hit spacebar, drag the midi file to the command prompt and drop it there and delete the .mid from the name of the file that appeared after dropping it and press enter.

A file will appear in the midi2tones folder with your c code.


Awesome ! Thank you ! (that was less confusing than expected actually ahah)


Huh, I never knew you could open cmd that way.


Perhaps it would be good to have a .bat file that shaves off the .mid extension to make it easier for people who aren’t used to the command prompt.

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Probably but the thing is not really a big deal

Not only cmd, anything in the PATH variable, calc, notepad, etc. You can also shift right click on top of a folder to get Open with <cmd/powershell> too (also get a menu entry to copy path).

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It wouldn’t be hard to write, it would just be something like midi "%~n1" with maybe a bit of error checking. It could even be set up to process multiple files.

That’s handy. Though I do have pretty much all of those things pinned anyway.

I assume it’s cmd on Win8 and powershell on Win10.
I’m tempted to edit the registry to hack the ‘copy as path’ option onto the regular context menu.

Do it as a pull request on @MLXXXp fork :wink: something like “drop midi file here.cmd” would be nice