Music tracker - What's available?

Hi guys,
MY game is coming along a little, but I’m currently using arduboy.tones to play music, which isn’t perfect. What is currently the best/easiest way to play two or three channels of music + sfx for arduboy?


Are you using arduboy.tones.playScore() ? What do you mean by “isn’t perfect”? What are the deficiencies or issues that you are encountering?

P.S. further development of the Arduboy library is not planned. For new development, the Arduboy2 library is recommended. You can use ArduboyPlaytune for equivalent (and slightly enhanced) sound capabilities. ArduobyTones is an alternative with different capabilities and features, as well as Team A.R.G.'s ATMlib.

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yes, I’m using playscore right now, it seems to be limited to 2 channels, so playing sfx will break some of the music I think.

You can play a 2 channel score and then when you use tone() it will just mute the second channel while the tone plays, without stopping the score.

With the ArduboyPlaytune library, I added the toneMutesScore() function which will optionally mute both score channels when a tone is sounded, to make the tone easier to hear. The score continues to play while the tone is sounding but only the tone is heard during that time.

You can try out the Playtune example in the Arduboy2 library. It will play tones on top of the score when you press the D-pad buttons (as well as move the text). It doesn’t use toneMutesScore(), so channel 1 continues to play when a tone is sounding.

File > Examples > Arduboy2 > Playtune

ATMlib has 4 channels and mutes what ever channel you like for playing SFX, BUT we for now we don’t have an editor yet for easy creating music for it … (you still have to code the music for now).