My Arduboy arrived

I haven’t thought about Arduboy in a while, then this came in the mail on Friday

Then while I was taking pictures of it on Saturday another package came

Now I’m just missing the red one

I’ll take more pics when it arrives. Now I wish I had ordered one of every color though :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry I’ve been absent, I’m going to update my Puzzle Pack ASAP to work on the final version Arduboy.


Lucky dog, that is great!

Those photos are stellar, thanks Atomic, :sparkling_heart:!

PS what is the licensing on those… the store photos… well… PM me maybe?

Is this the yellow!? Because it’s more of an orange and orange is my favorite color! :grinning: @Atomic

I got mine on Saturday too. I LOVE the nutrition label. Super Creative!


I already did half the work. In fact it might be done completely once we get runes ripped out of the library. It’s on my repository.

Amazing pictures!!! Thanks!

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White balance/lighting was a bit red in that picture of the yellow Arduboy, here is a (more) accurate picture, with yellow and orange Lego bricks for reference:

as you can see, it’s between yellow and orange.

My red Arduboy arrived today!

A straight-on view of the white Arduboy

All three together

Arduboy in the dark


@Atomic These are just amazing looking photos that really show off how great the Arduboy is! Good color choices… I can’t choose between red, yellow, or white. :slightly_smiling:

@atomic Did you make 3 separate kickstarter orders? Lol I don’t remember sending you 3! :wink:

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I can’t wait to post mine when it shows up. SWEET!

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Inside the Arduboy. I had to see what was on the other side. Found some very interesting graphics on the board!


What a surprise!


Since everyone is taking them apart, what makes the buttons rattle? Would a drop or two of superglue help? (ie, sticking the button plastic to the actual key?)

The buttons are just inserts that fall out of the clear front if you take Arduboy apart. I don’t think glue would help.

The rattling is there because the buttons float between the snap dome and the case. This is called “freeplay” and it is probably a little more than I would like. But its a result of design for manufacturing. If you have too much space then it rattles, but if you have too little then the button would be smashed between the snap dome and the case, causing accidental actuation. As rattling is much more preferable to malfunctioning equipment our first units intentionally erred on this side.

As production continues we will be revising the mold for both the buttons and the case reducing this tolerance and making a tighter fit without becoming too-tight.


@bateske, Why is there C12 (and only C12) silk screened on the front of the circuit board?


Time for some plastic backs! :wink:

Actually the artwork is under the battery so plastic back wouldn’t show it.

I switched a resistor to a capacitor at the last minute, and it put back the component designation and I forgot to delete it. So, these first few units are the ultra rare C12 edition! I hope you enjoy it!