My Arduboy arrived

Has anyone else received theirs yet? I know the holiday (Memorial Day) may have slowed it down a bit. According to the Singapore post link that I got, it looks like it has been shipped.

Not got mine yet, but I can see on Royal Mail in UK that it was in a Heathrow Distribution Center on Sunday. Now it just needs to get up to Scotland :grin: Don’t know if I’ll get anymore updates from Royal Mail though.

If you have any problems please reach out to us with a private message or at the contact page on the store we will do our best to help you out!

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P.S. It typically takes anywhere from 2-3 weeks for them to arrive but sometime takes 6 weeks! Hang in there folks! Sorry about the shipping delay we are working on improving it!

So, at this point have all email notifications to Kickstarter backers gone out? Or are there still some left to send?

There are about 200-250 people who still have not been sent emails. It is mostly buddy packs or other multiple unit rewards with yellow in them. For whatever reason yellow was the last to come out of the factory. Also other people above like backer number 6500 it’s about 80% shipped.

We are narrowing down the list and will be sending out some more tracking numbers soon to finish 100%. We expect in the next week or two to complete everything.

Thanks for the patience!

I am still a little confused. I ‘pre-ordered’ mine through the website a while back. Is that included in the Kicjstarter run or does that come after?

I PM’d you on Kickstarter. (Let me know if I should do something different.)

Hey @crait! Sorry it’s taking me a while to get back to you, but if you ordered through the website as a pre-order, it will be sent out after the Kickstarter backers, sometime at the end of this month…
I know it’s been a while, but thank you for being so patient with us :blush:


Hi @ChrisS! A good way to contact us is through the web form :slight_smile:

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Mine showed up today!!
It works great and looks sharp.

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Just got mine too! an amazing little toy.


Mine arrived today. Sadly I have to wait until Saturday to pick it up from the local post office. I am near Sydney.
Looking forward to having a play, then trying some coding.

A new thread is up for people who went to the website and pre-ordered. Here is the link Pre-orders from website - when will they be sent?

Quick update.
I picked up my Arduboy on Saturday and it it a little package of awesome!
Works perfectly on my Mac and I have been able to try a few games on it.
Looking forward to some coding lessons.
Thankyou Arduboy.


I got blue arriving soon to

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Do you now how much time does it require to charge Arduboy?

Here is my white Arduboy. The box got crushed in shipping and I was afraid my Arduboy did too but luckily it was just fine.

As you can see.

Some video of Arduventuer (removed the sound, there was TV noise in the background).


Good to hear! :slight_smile:
The white box was just a solution to pack the Arduboy and USB cable together with a barcode for our fulfillment center’s reference, however it seems like everyone likes their box and wished it does not get squished in shipping. We are looking to find a sturdier box for next year’s production run! :wink:


I got mine 2 days ago looks identical(expect for the crushing!)