My arduboy build

(jon yakowec) #1

I based my case design off of the old radio shack game&watch games from the 80’s. The internal parts I got on eBay and I used an old a-drive cable to wire it all up. This is the first time I’ve done anything with arduino. Now I need to learn how to wright my own game

(Scott R) #2

That my friend is a thing of beauty.

(jon yakowec) #3

Thank you :slight_smile:, its not as sleek as an actual arduboy so I tried to make up for it with a retro look.

(Kevin) #4

The style is good! Looks straight from 1983.

(jon yakowec) #5

Thanks, now I need to learn how to wright games so i can try to port over some early 80’s arcade games.

(Holmes) #6

Wow, that is absolutely beautiful! Did you 3D print the case, then smooth it with acetone?

(jon yakowec) #7

Thanks. Yep I printed it on pla. Then i gave it a light sanding with 400grit sandpaper, then a couple generous coats of crylon clear coat. I think I got fairly close to making it look like it was injection molded.

(Alexander Sharikhin) #8


Can You share STLs for printing?

I think about building DIY arduboy in usable case(my current build on breadboard and looks ugly)

(Shawn) #9

As soon as I saw it I thought to myself: “Self, this looks like a Game&Watch!” The design is spot on, great job!

(jon yakowec) #10

I still have some tweaking to do on my design for the inside of the case before I can share the stl’s. For some of the components I had to melt a bit of filament to secure them. I want to try cramming in a flash cart yet too. I think I might just have enough room for one.

(jon yakowec) #11

Thanks, that’s exactly what I was going for in my design. I used to have a radio shack game &watch as a kid and I guess I’ve been a bit nostalgic for it lately lol

(jon yakowec) #12

I added in a flash chip now I need to figure out how to load the Cathy 3 boot loader.

(jon yakowec) #13

Capture Im getting this when i try to load to the flash chip. Im wondering if i dont have the chip wired in correctly? Any help would be much appreciated.

(jon yakowec) #14

Here’s how I have it wired up.

(Shawn) #15

Have you flashed the cathy3k bootloader to the mcu?


Without the cathy3K bootloader the flash writer utility won’t work. To see if your wiring is good, try downloading the flash test sketch and see if the ID test shows an non 0000 and non FFFF ID. If it doesn’t theres something wrong with the wiring.

(jon yakowec) #17

I do have the Cathy3k bootloader buned to my arduboy. I did notice i get this message when it burns the bootloader. Im not sure if its normal or not, im very new to all of this.


That message is normal and can be ignored (The message contradicts itself).

The fuses are set correctly. If they where not the bootloader wouldn’t start up after Cathy3K is burned.

Did you run the test sketch?

(jon yakowec) #19

Ok thanks, i wasnt sure about that message. Im just trying to figure out how to run the test sketch now. Oh something i forgot to mention is that i get the usb boot image on the screen of my arduboy when its powered on.

(Scott R) #20

It’s a little difficult to see what’s going on with your wiring on my phone. But here’s a really technical bit of artwork I did for my first install using a level shifter.