My arduboy's reset button is broken!

Hi Arduboy community,

My arduboy’s reset button is either jammed or broken, so I can’t upload any new sketches to it. :slightly_frowning_face:
Here’s a photo of the button:

Do I have to buy a new arduboy or can I still recover it somehow?

Its a little hard to tell by the picture but sometimes the pusher can offset get stuck in to one side.

Have you opened it and had a pick at it?

The usual procedure is to fill in the “Contact Us” page but you should be able to use a piece of wire as a jumper to trigger a reset you can find reset and ground pads just below the battery if you remove the backplate.

Alternatively you could flash @Mr.Blinky’s custom bootloader which pretty much removes the need to use the reset button.


If it’s jammed it will keep Arduboy in reset continiously and you’ll just see a black screen all the time. You can take Arduboy appart and see if you can unjam it. If not you can waggle it carefully until it comes loose completely.

When it’s broken. I’d give the same advise as @Keyboard_Camper gave. With my custom bootloader you can press the down button and switch power on to enter bootloader mode and upload a new sketch.

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I think it’s broken.:slightly_smiling_face:

How can I get your custom bootloader?

It’s part of my Homemade board package for Arduino IDE. When installed you can select Arduboy board and Cathy3K bootloader and then choose burn bootloader.

If you don’t want to use Arduino IDE to burn the bootloader you can extract arduboy3k-bootloader.hex from the bootloader/cathy3k folder. In this case you must also change the High fuse settings to 0xD2 manually

To burn the bootloader you need an serial (ICSP) programmer (like USBasp) or an Arduino Uno set up as one and connect it to the programming pads on the bottom of the Arduboy circuit board.

Check out:

Edit: Added high fuse settings

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Do I do this if I have Arduino or if I don’t?

Just wanted to make sure.:smile:

Not sure if you mean an Arduino board or Arduino IDE. But it’s only possible to burn (flash) the bootloader by serial programming using an serial programmer. If you don’t have one and do have an Arduino Uno then you can download a serial programmer sketch onto it and use that for programming.

If you don’t have an Arduino Uno either you may consider getting one or an ICSP programmer like an USBasp.

If you have a programmer that is supported by Arduino IDE. It’s more convenient to use the Arduino IDE. But if you don’t you could use avrdude or the software included/required by the programmer.

Is everything set up correctly?


If you’re using an USBasp programmer, Yes.

Do you mean that I wet up USBasp programmer set up in the tools like Tools > Programmer > USBasp or do you mean something like this:

Thank you for your patience.:grinning:

I mean the 2nd. (That 20 character limit is beyond silly :crazy_face:)

I’d recommend trying the contact form first.

And whatever you were using to press the reset button before…
Stop using it, find something softer :P

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Thanks @Pharap!

I just tried it yesterday! :grinning:

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Thank you guys for helping!

@Mr.Blinky, thanks for your advice and the custom bootloader. Burning the bootloader seemed pretty complicated and a bit pricy, so I backed out of it. I used the contact form and I am getting a new arduboy.

So, thank you for your guys’s time and patience.:smiley: I appreciate it.

Should I somehow delete this topic, because it doesn’t seem to much of a help to people?


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I don’t think it’s worth deleting this though,
because someone else might find it useful in the future.