My Arduino 101-Based Computer [WIP]

Hey, guys. Here are the plans that I have for the Arduino-based computer that I’d like to make based on my limited knowledge from reading the forums and other research.

This is similar to what it should end up looking like:


Features that I’d like to include:

  • IR In/Out
  • Full keyboard based off of the Xbox 360 Chatpad
  • Arduino 101’s have built-in Bluetooth, gyro, accelerator
  • Exposed GPIO pins
  • PSP analog stick
  • Similar screen to the Arduboy so that I can port some Arduboy games to it.
  • Piezo speaker
  • Built-in ~3.7v battery (taken from an LG G3 since I have 2 of these) and power switch

I plan on 3D-printing the enclosure.

Ben Heck actually made a small, BASIC computer using the chatpad with an Arduino, so this is something that I’ve also tried to read about. Instead of using a BASIC interpreter, though, I’m going to attempt to port over a watered down version of the operating system that I designed called Ore that can interpret the Ore script language.


So far, I do have the keyboard wired up and working as intended. (It can send keypresses through USB to my computer.)

What I have:

What I need to buy and wire up is the following:

Anyway, I’ll be using this thread for general discussion about the project as well as progress pics.


I assume this is just a one-off for your own personal use. Otherwise, note that the Arduino 101 is likely end of life.


Yeah, just for me… The Uno R3 seems to have similar capabilities and footprint, but I do not have one.


Wow, this is a really cool idea!


Cool! The exciting thing for me about the 101 would be the x86 architecture = potential for porting old-school DOS games! :smile:

Also just saw this, which may provide some inspiration?

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Oh, I’ve definitely seen this, before. Hackaday is one of my favorite websites! Something similar to this would absolutely be amazing to have, but I’ll never be able to go to Serbia, so I gotta make my own.

Going from 32 kB to 196 kB is insane. I’ve got a lot of space for my interpreter. :slight_smile:


Let us know when you eventually release the code for Ore.
I’d like to have a go at formalising the language and writing a compiler for it.

I’ve seen the brief overview of the language (though it’s been a while and I can’t find the link).
My favourite feature is the loop block, since it settles the argument of whether to use while(true), while(1) or for(;;).

(Though for the record, I’m in the while(true) camp. for(;;) is ugly and unintuitive and only C has an excuse to use while(1).)

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Yeah, some old Ore documentation is still online, here:

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I always thought that was the most archaic syntax ever!


Supposedly, @Mr.Blinky knows of where to find a screen that’s 128x96 . I’d like to pick one up so I have more space for the terminal. :slight_smile: @Mr.Blinky, where’d ya’ get it?

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Cool! seeing your mock-up Kind of make me think about ZX81 and NewBrain

Cool! It even emulates Z80 and CP/M

I found them from here

And recently found these 128x128 ones

Both displays have 4-bit gray levels.

Wow, that 128x128 one looks great, but greyscale kinda turns me off of the idea. I don’t want the system to be too complex. Is it easy to wire something like this up to the Arduino? (I’m assuming it’d be pretty similar.)

The displays are wired up the same. The 128x96 one is 3.3V only though

In fact, the ORE look really promising.
I was thinking about all those folders something Windows have, and seems like you have something similar.
I DO like the Windows folder and the Program Files folder. Program variables should be stored per-user (if there is any), or in a separate folder.
That is what GATES thought, at least.

Folder structure can be found, here:

All are optional, though. XD I don’t think I will support any file system or calls in this watered-down version. I need to go through and come up with a MVP of all the important keywords I would need.

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This may actually be better in off-topic and hate to say it maybe better for a different forum :grimacing:


This is why I suggested a Projects category.

  • Homemade (Arduboy)
  • Other Projects (none Arduboy)

As this topic suggests it enriches the community with like minded discussion.


But this is the arduboy community?

I’m ok with allowing it in off-topic, because really people are welcome to post just about anything in this area they want. But I don’t want to create a specific space for it because that is not the focus of this forum.


Sorry, Kevin. Wasn’t aware that I was diverting too much, but I understand!

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