My Arduino Zero based system - The next generation Arduboy?

The A and B buttons should be labeled on the next model

They are labeled :slight_smile:
The print on the pcb is ARDUBOY where “A” and “B” are above the corresponding buttons by intention. :wink:


This is still obscure for many users.


That is awesome! I had no idea


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i was actually thinking about this today. i know its being called “arduboy zero” for the next version of this, but… isn’t that a mouthful? since its using an arm processor, couldn’t it be called the “armboy?”
honestly arduino is so popular as a name, i dont think people would even balk at it being called “ardboy.” In fact, it would allow the A and the B to line up parallel.

No one has said it will be called the Arduboy Zero. It’s just what I called my project. No one has even said there will be a next version. I don’t officially work for the Arduboy organisation.

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i know :slight_smile: ,
but in August 2016 you an @ard both named your prototypes the same name. I can’t tell which came first because the date is rounded to the month (specific dates would help with justifying which came first) but based on logic I believe that he came up with the name first because he got a nod from @bateske.

but your project seems much more promising. Mainly because more tests and stats and longer thread.
rather than post there I posted here… I reread your reply a couple times, its possible that I perhaps irritated you. I’m sorry. the use of multiple “no ones” “just” “even” and “don’t officially” reveals a heavy defense.

either way I think your design is the best :slight_smile:

There is probably a new version coming out called the Arduboy Zero based on the work @MLXXXp has done as a community member of this site. Which is just one hefty contribution of many.

Probably won’t come out for some time. Currently trying to build the audio system. The current hangup is building the audio amp that both headphones and speakers.

Look for developer kits soon(ish) (not really, but I’m working on it)


You can count me in. :D

What kinda audio out? Like a DAC or something?

The discussion for audio out is here:

And it’s possibly made me more confused than I started. There is a really nice integrated chip with headphone amp, microphone amp and even pin detection for different head phone types and supports the remote buttons as well. I’d love to use that but it’s kind of expensive and it’s a BGA part so doing the layout is a nightmare. I’m kind of feeling it though. Although really all we need is an op-amp and a few passives. But then how to switch to the speaker? Need to have a headphone detect circuit. The speaker will need it’s own amp also. I have no idea what I’m doing with audio circuits!

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many headphone connectors have mechanical switches that break contact when a plug is inserted. a speaker or opamp could be connected to those (break) contacts

Example connector datasheet

So the problem is an opamp or just the circuit in general why not just a pass through resistor? It would have to be a pretty high value though

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I’ve backed a new Kickstarter campaign for the Tachyon board by Rabid Prototypes. When I get it, I’ll try to find the time to use it in place of the SparkFun SAMD21 Mini Breakout in my Arduboy-Z prototype.

The Tachyon uses a Microchip Technology (formerly Atmel) SAMD51 processor, which has an ARM Cortex-M4F core. In addition to a faster clock speed and more RAM, there are various additional features that would probably be useful for a next generation Arduboy, such as integer divide, a Floating Point Unit (FPU) and a True Random Number Generator (TRNG).

Here’s a comparison table:

Arduboy My Arduboy-Z prototype Tachyon
Processor Atmega32U4 ATSAMD21G18 ATSAMD51G18
Bus Size 8 bit 32 bit 32 bit
CPU Core AVR ARM Cortex-M0+ ARM Cortex-M4F
CPU Speed 16 MHz 48 MHz 120 MHz
Flash 32 KB 256 KB 256 KB
RAM 2.5 KB 32 KB 128 KB
EEPROM 1 KB None (up to 32 KB emulated in flash) Up to 64 KB "SmartEEPROM" emulated in flash
USB Device only Device and Host Device and Host
Speaker Pins 2 PWM capable 1 PWM, 1 10 bit DAC 1 10-bit DAC, 1 10 bit DAC or PWM
microSD Slot No Yes Yes
Real Time Clock No Yes (in the processor) Yes (in the processor)

Thanks for sharing the info. A 120MHz Arduino will be handy for some projects. I also backed the project.

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@MLXXXp Good find.

An author implies something, the reader infers something.

Although if you openly state it, you’re no longer implying, you’re explictly stating, in which case “i.e.” is more appropriate.

And someone stole one of your Rs.

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Which R?

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I was inferring the other gentleman.

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