My brand new Arduboy appears to have stopped working

My brand new Arduboy is no longer accepting new games from Erwin’s Arduboy Collection and is not even recognized by my computer anymore.

When I opened this Arduboy 20 minutes ago, Sirene was on it. I downloaded Arduino IDE. I went to the Erwin’s Arduboy Collection page and downloaded Arduboy Uploader. I uploaded 3in1D by Daniel C to the Arduboy successfully. I uploaded Kong by Press Play On Tape to the Arduboy successfully. I went to try another game, and now the light doesnt go yellow and the nothing will upload from Arduboy uploader. I also noticed that the computer doesnt even register when i unplug/plug back in the device, or turn it on or off, like it had done just moments before. But the light is red like it’s taking a charge.

Any ideas?


But also, it might be a test for @tuxinator2009’s new tool


With the Kong game you can press down from the Main Menu just as the next game is about to load. You may need to try it a few times to get the timing right.

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Yes actually. Even for games that have obscure means to swap games my ArduManFX tool will work. The main features are still in an early alpha stage but the recovery part is fully operational. I believe it should also work without having to press the reset button and just turning the Arduboy off and back on again but I never tried it.

Either way though you don’t have to mess with proper timing. Check out the video in the ArduManFX topic. It has instructions on what to do.

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Thank you all for the suggestions. I ended up using the reset button. It is working now.

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