My Dev Kit is Here!

It has arrived!


Now what battery do I need?

; )

Haha you didn’t post until 10 minutes after me

Damn, impressive, very nice. @ekem Any word on if there’s any dev kits left?

Congrats but I’m also a little jealous. I have to wait till after the kickstarter ends to get mine. =(

I’ve been playing the brickbreaker game that came with it all day :smiley:

Hey, I can only let Kevin know to scrounge for one. And I think he’s off… well I’m not sure what he’s up to right now. At some point I’m sure he will get a response off. Every time anyone does @bateske should get his attention ; )

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I have followed this for over a year, and now that i have one, im getting started with programming. First goal is to get ateroids put on, second goal is to get pokemon yellow thrown on if enough space. I love this small form factor dev kit, and have preordered the version on kickstarter too.

Also im going to be working on making a 3d printed case for the dev kit, which i’ll share with anyone once im dont.

Ah thanks so much @Pteraghost!! Right now all we have is one game up on github but we are working on getting much more soon. In a couple weeks we should have a fairly comprehensive offering to get you started.

Working on a wiki for documentation too.

Stay tuned thank so much!