My dev kit processor operating outside of spec

“Operating under battery voltage is out of specification for the processor and is for testing purposes only.”

Scared the crap out of me the first time it happened, I thought I had some horrific memory leak in my code.

FYI: If your dev kit starts freaking out it’s probably just the battery.


Cool animations, and awesome glitch art ; ) Thanks Atomic. The video and tip are awesome. I’m sure you’ll get some posters up in this thread shortly…

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Haha Atomic, that is such an awesome capture. By the way, that game looks interesting! What are you writing?

Yeah, the processor will glitch out after a couple hours on the battery. This is what happens when the voltage gets too low. Once you know what’s causing it it can be kind of fun to watch.

There is technically a potential for this to cause some kind of damage to the processor so it’s not recommended to keep playing when the glitches start.

If anyone ever has a dead dev kit please let me know, this low voltage testing is one of the things we are “Developing” :smile:

Thanks everyone, keep being awesome!