My DIY Arduboy is Not Connecting to my windows pc

Please help me. It does nothing when I plug it into my pc. I does not make a chime or anything. Please help!!!

Try some other cables. The one you have may be damaged or (if its not the one that game with the Arduboy) maybe a charge-only cable. Some cables are not data enabled.

I did try some other cables but it is not the cable I think it is bricked but I do not know how to unbrick it. It is stuck on the game 1944 and it does not ever show up as a port.

OK … if you press and hold Up and Down together, it should drop to the bootloader.

Ok I will try that thank you for your help.

I might be felling very guilty at the moment as this is my game!

No it is not your fault please do not blame yourself. It did not work though.

Well … I have removed the USB stack from the game but included a wiring.c file supplied by @Mr.Blinky which adds the Up+Down drop to booloader combo.

Do you have a physical reset button?

Yes, but it does nothing.

Try this utility… it works well for me. ArduManFX utility [WIP]

You might have a short circuit on your build. Do you get an LED light on the arduino?

If it’s not a huge pain you might try disconnecting components to see if you can just get the device to boot. Or just inspect solder joints and connections.

Can you share a picture of what you built?

I sent the pro micro back because it was working before.