My first game : Arduboy-2048

Hello , I’m very happy because today I just get my Arduboy.
So I write my first game.
I wish you can like it.
Sorry for my poor English:joy:


By the way , I can play this game well.

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There is another game with the same name, maybe you could add a twist to your game?

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By the way I have one question.
That is when I use srand() on my computer the different seeds is Time.
But on my arduboy ,how do I get different seeds?

your site is cool.
This game just for fun.:joy:
How about simple-2048?
Maybe one day I can write my own game.Then I will tell you.

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In setup() use arduboy.initRandomSeed();

Note: The Arduboy library that you are using is no longer being maintained. It is recommended that you use the Arduboy2 library


#include <Arduboy.h>
Arduboy arduboy;


#include <Arduboy2.h>
Arduboy2 arduboy;
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congrats. You’ve reached a mile stone I haven’t reached yet (making my 1st game)

Even though there is another version out there. Don’t let it discourage you to keep working on improving your version. It’s a great learning curve.


Thank you,I will save different versions on my github.And maybe write a tiny tutorial.Although I think this game is so easy,when I write the code,I always meet this or that problem.And the most exciting thing is solving these problems.