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Here is my first game, I hope you all like it. It is called BIG CHUNGUS. You need to help the little chungus get big by collecting carrots and avoiding obstacles. It’s a running game! If you collect enough carrots you will become BIG CHUNGUS. You use B to jump A to jump higher. You can push up as little chungus to spend 1000xlevel to gain a pound. As big chungus, if you are over your target weight you can push down to lose 1 lb and become invincible for 2 seconds. There is an Arduboy file in the repo that should work?

Get it here:

(Cody) #2

In game screenshots?

(Dan) #3

Sorry as a new member it wasn’t letting me post photos, here you go:


(Dan) #4


(Sean) #5

I enjoyed this very much. It’s hilarious when he gets humongous.

(The Querulous One) #6

Epic intro and music!


I would love to try this but I can’t compile code atm so do you have a precompiled hex file of this?

(The Querulous One) #8

Pretty sure there’s a hex file in the Github folder.

(Pharap) #9


Forget everything I was going to say, @QuerulousThunder is right, it’s here:

And you can download it individually here:
(You might have to do right-click and Save As .)