My first hardware project: Retro future Arduino Leonardo based handheld

I always wanted to learn chess and if Atari had made this back then I would have. I made this to feel like an antique that Hicks would have played in the dropship on the way to the surface. It uses a Pro Micro and a 2.42" screen.


So you replaced the guts? This is a really interesting looking device! Very retro!

Thanks! No I made the whole thing. I did the artwork, electronics, case customization.

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What! :exploding_head: That’s incredible how did you make the enclosure? Is it at least sourced from like an industrial device or did you create a mold of some kind? :thinking:

Coming from you Sir, that means a lot. It was a laboratory device with a temperature probe when I got it at a yard sale. I CNC machined slots in it to make it feel like it was from the time period and enlarged the screen and machined out the button surroundings.The buttons are custom printed keycaps and the rocker is a Japanese military grade switch. I did the art in Illustrator.