My MacBook Pro 13inch does not recognize my Arduboy

Hello, Genius!

It is with macOS Catalina v10.15.2, and it does not recognize my Arduboy.

I tried 4 different usb wires which is all data transferable on each port, and I turn on the Arduboy before I plugged it in, as well as after plugged in and neither of them works.

Do I need to download the driver for the Arduboy?

Some games require you to press/hold a specific button when powering on to trigger the usb bootloader, what game is loaded on yours currently? Are you trying to load a new game using the arduino ide or another arduboy loader program?

So this is through a usb-c adapter or dongle or adapter?

There isn’t a lot of mac users on here, and I’m not sure if you need to install Arduino first before it is recognized.

I know we have seen some problem with the adapter cable but let us know more about what you have tried.

Have you reprogrammed the Arduboy or what game is on it now?

There’s no need to have Arduino installed, the usb device should appear in /dev/cu.usbmodemxxx when plugged in. If it doesn’t show up there’s probably a more deeply rooted problem.

I had a similar malfunction the other day which was solved by doing a hard reset on the Arduboy. Perhaps this helps.

Apple changed USB behaviour in Catalina causing problems with atmega32u4 bootloaders (as used by Arduboy).

The issue seems to be fixed with OSX 10.15.2 beta 4.

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